Factors Influencing Your Skin Decision!

Skin decision may seem so easy to make for some people but can be quite a daunting task for others, so what are the factors influencing your skin decisions?

Skin decision influencing your skin decision could be about what brands of skincare to use? Is the cult acne facial wash worth your buck? Should I see an aesthetic doctor in Singapore, or should I join the waiting queue in the National Skin Center? What is the difference between a plastic surgeon and a dermatologist in Singapore?

It can be quite a struggle when we think factors influencing your skin decision. As Asians in particular, we were educated from a young age that vanity is wrong, looks do not count as much as virtues. We are not to be bothered with what people think of our looks and just be ourselves. It is also a sin to spend money on skincare and aesthetic treatments and should save money for that rainy day.

There are also views that medical aesthetics are dangerous, fake, artificial that comes with side effects and can change a person into who they are not.

Humans are emotional creatures; the vibes and memories can affect us in ways both positive and negative. Just as in the Netflix series of the same name, Skin Decision before and after can affect a person’s mental and emotional wellness. Examples of these decisions are like what is often seen with acne, tattoos, and the crowning glory of hair. A parent might think that acne, pimple and scarring are part and parcel of growing up, but to the awkward teen, it can feel like a matter of life and death. The angsty teen will keep wondering how to get rid of pimples to improve their social stance. It is sad to wear the name of a past love on your arm when a relationship ended. Tattoos also happen in spurs of those moments one was young and reckless; It is sad to wear the name of a past love on your arm when a relationship has ended and many wish to have their tattoos removed and move on in life. A man whose hairline is receding but bears the pain of pretending all is well or believing nothing can be done. For a woman, they can have many luxurious accessories in life, but only one face, which cannot be exchanged, cannot be iron pressed and cannot leave home without it.

Factors Influencing Your Skin Decisions

Medical Aesthetics has seen a significant and growing following in Singapore in the past 20 years for the simple reason that it is the acceptable middle ground between beauty salons and going under the scalpel.

Acne and Acne Scars

Acne that doesn’t seem to stop appearing! And painful! Not to mention that it is also pretty discouraging to walk around with a shiny oily face that melts makeup or having to wear thick make-up to cover what we do not want people to see.

There are affordable acne red mark laser and fractional laser programmes that will treat active acne and rosacea. Fractional laser is THE laser to clear depressed acne scars, and it does have some recovery time, but it can lighten and level acne scars. Lasers can also swiftly remove abnormal skin growth like skin tags, warts and moles in one single session.

Sallow Complexion & Pigmentation

Glycolic acid peels and brightening lasers can give the face the nudge back into radiance and translucence we lost to the modern lifestyle, ageing process and slower regeneration. It usually takes 3 to 4 sessions intensively follow by a monthly session follow up. To prevent uneven skin tone and pigmentation or worse skin cancer, applications of sunscreens of at least SPF 30 should start as babies.

Angry Frowns and Facial Loss of Volume

It is unpleasant to be told one look angry, grumpy and negative when we are not, it also could be a downturn outer corner of the mouth that makes one look unfriendly. Such facial expressions can affect one’s professional image and social reputation. A little botox injection can relax the glabella lines and soothes the frowns. Just a little drop at the corner of the mouth can reverse the downturn! A pure Hyaluronic acid dermal filler can raise the already sunken furrows, puff up apple cheeks, making a person looking fresher. One syringe of filler is usually 1ml, and it takes many syringes to be overfilled like some ex minster’s wife across the causeway. Worry about looking frozen or ending up with bumpy lumps on the face? Always do aesthetic treatments with a doctor that is registered with the Singapore medical council.

 factors influencing your skin decisions
Subtle little changes that make the BIG difference in a person’s life!

Sagginess and loss of Facial Contour

We are living in an era when ageing can be so much slower than our grandmother’s generation when even with affluence, there was no technology. There are non-invasive facelifts like Thermage and Ultherapy known as energy-based devices (EBD) that stimulate collagen and elastin production at multiple skin layers, giving the face a complete renovation.

Thread Lifts are PDO, PCL, PLLA, hyaluronic threads with cogs or cones that anchor and lift facial sagginess, eye bags and noses. Such treatments rarely take more than an hour to complete, with little downtime allowing the patient to return to their work and lifestyle almost immediately.

This article is not to solicit or to encourage people into consuming excessive aesthetic services but to guide and empower one to make informed decision. Please do show empathy when a friend or a loved one express desire to seek treatments to look and feel better. More often, it is not just about their vanity, and the thorn may not be in your flesh.

If the above factors influencing skin decision are affecting your self-image and confidence, then please do not hesitate to make an appointment to speak to an aesthetic doctor, your issues may be much smaller than you thought it is, the solution may be so simple that you wished you have taken action earlier.