Nasal Flare Treatment

Nasal flare treatment is a cosmetic procedure designed to reduce excessive nostril flaring that some people experience during normal breathing or speech.

This condition, often considered an aesthetic concern, can cause self-consciousness about one’s appearance. This procedure is quick, minimally invasive, and offers a non-surgical solution for individuals seeking to refine their nasal features without the need for more extensive rhinoplasty.

Treatment Options

Nasal flare treatment can be performed effectively using Botulinum Toxins to relax the muscles responsible for nose flaring, with results appearing within 3-5 days and lasting 3-4 months. Our clinic offers major brands of Botulinum Toxins (including Botox, Dysport etc) and our doctor will be able to recommend the most suitable brand for you during the consultation session.

Treatment Process


A detailed assessment with a doctor to determine the best Botulinum Toxin for the person’s needs.


Quick injections around the nostrils typically take 10-15 minutes with minimal discomfort.


Avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area for several hours to prevent the toxin from spreading to nearby muscles.

Benefits of Nasal Flare Treatment

Treating nasal flare offers several advantages that contribute to improved patient outcomes and comfort:

  • Improved nasal symmetry and balance
  • Smaller nasal openings, reducing nostril flare
  • A more refined nasal appearance

Ready for Natural Looking Results?

Consult with our doctors for an accurate diagnosis and personalised treatment plan.


Downtime Expectations

Nasal flare treatment typically requires minimal downtime, making it a convenient option for those seeking cosmetic improvements without significant interruption to their daily activities. Patients can usually return to their normal daily activities immediately after the procedure. However, it is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours to prevent the Botulinum Toxins from spreading away from the treatment area.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is nasal flare treatment painful?

    The treatment involves minimal discomfort. Most patients describe the sensation as a quick pinch during the injection. A topical numbing cream can be applied beforehand to reduce any discomfort.

    How soon will I see the results?

    Most patients begin to notice improvements within a few days of treatment, with the full effects typically visible within two weeks.

    Can nasal flare treatment replace surgical rhinoplasty?

    While nasal flare treatment can effectively reduce nostril size and flaring, it does not alter the nasal structure as surgical rhinoplasty does. It is best suited for those looking for a non-surgical option to refine their nasal appearance with minimum downtime.

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