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Dr Cindy Yang

Dr Cindy Yang

Dr Cindy Yang

Aesthetic Treatments in Singapore

Do you ever reminisce the days of a carefree childhood when Singapore still had kampungs? It’s these memories of a youthful lifestyle that have influenced Dr Cindy Yang to embrace the inherent beauty in nature since she was a young girl. She is inspired by remembering how rainbows would illuminate the fields and blue pea flowers would grow wild on fences. Her memories have led her to discover purpose in bringing out the natural beauty in every patient she works with aesthetic treatments. Individuals seek her out for her ability to guide their ageing process gracefully and elegantly.

Dr Cindy’s passion for medicine stems from her early years when she fell ill regularly and looked up in awe to her family doctor who always got her well again. She became enthralled in finding the solutions to suffering and strived hard to earn her place in medical school so that she could qualify to aid those in need, the same way she had received guidance when she needed it. To give back to society, she has been involved in the Yellow Ribbon project for the past 7 years where she visits inmates in Changi Prison to laser off their tattoos pro-bono. She has also contributed extensively to other charities through sponsorships of treatments.

Dr Cindy has been assisting an array of patients with diverse beauty setbacks since her GP days in 1996 and gradually moved into a full-fledged aesthetic practice by the end of 2005. She promised herself to set up the best aesthetics clinic in Singapore. You can trust that you are in safe hands with Dr Cindy as her vigour for learning has seen her attending courses all over the world annually to constantly evolve her knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest practices available in the modern world of medical aesthetics, skin, and dermatology. Her commitment to acquiring the latest technologies and machines has seen her clinics spilling at the seams. Dr Cindy Yang is known to be a pleasure to work with and enjoys interacting with her patients. She is the right person to turn to if you are looking to work with someone who listens and understands your needs! Once she has clarity on the goal you are looking to achieve, she is skilled in customising a treatment program tailor-made to suit your individual needs. She prioritises your concerns and aspirations and finds the ideal solution for you. As such, she has built up a loyal clientele over the years who trust her honest opinions.

4 January 2012

Trained in the use of Dual Yellow Light Laser by Norseld

16 September 2012

Attended LIFT ME!! Live seminar by Asian College of Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine Pte Ltd

6 September 2012

Attended LIFT ME!! Live seminar by Asian College of Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine Pte Ltd

1 May 2013

Attended The Angle of Beauty Workshop by Allergan Singapore

25 and 26 May 2013

Attended Aesthetics With A Heart Conference by Asian College of Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine

4 May 2014

Attended Aesthetics Injection Masterclass by Dysport (Taiwan)

24 May 2015

Attended  DermoLift Intradermal Technique, Total Face Rejuvenation by Dysport

1 November 2015 

Attended Optimizing The Vycross Technology by Asain College of Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine

20 and 21 February 2016

Attended Silhouette Soft Asia Expert Meeting by Silhouette Soft ( Bali )

14 May 2016

Obtained Certificate of Completion – Anatomy Masterclass 2016  for Botulinus Neuro Toxin by by International Microaesthetic Surgery Association (Korea)

7 June 2016 

Attended Advanced Injector Development Workshop – Ellanse & Silhouette Soft  by Parvus

20 August 2016

Attended IMSA Workshop – Botulinum Toxin Master Class of 2016 ( Taiwan)

21 August 2016

Attended  Botulinum Toxin Master Class by International Microaesthetic Surgery Association ( Taiwan )

18 September 2016

Attended  Solta Medical Masters Seminar – Thermage & Fraxel-By Solta Medical

30 October 2016

Obtained certificate of Competence- Vascular Laser &Facial Radiofrequency Rejuvenation by Asian College of Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine

30 October 2016

Obtained Certificate of Competence- Facial Filler by Asian College of Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine

30 October 2016

Attended Aesthetic Procedure Guidelines Conference by Asian College of Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine

October 2016

Attended Aesthetic Procedure Guidelines Conference by Asian College of Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine

 1 November 2016

Obtained Certificate of Competence – FREE FAT GRAFTING by Asian College of Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine

1 November 2016

Obtained certificate of Competence –  Anchoring Thread Lift by Asian College of Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine

6 December 2016

Obtained Specialized CoolSculpting Training – CoolSculpting Certification Program by Zeltiq

22 April 2017

Attended MD Codes: Unlocking the Codes to Eye Beauty by Allergan Medical Institue

22 and 23 April 2017

Attended  “ The New Horizon In Dermatology Aesthetic ” 3rd Asia Pacific Meeting of Experts in Dermatology by Menarini  ( Indonesia )

30 April 2017

Attended PPMB Master Class – A Gradual Approach to Restore and Refresh by GALDERMA (Taiwan)

13 August 2017

Periorbital Rejuvenation By Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University of Thailand ( Bangkok)

5 November 2017

Attended Botulinum Toxin Masterclass 2017 By International Microaesthetics Surgery Association

13 May 2018

Attained International Dermatology Aesthetic Surgery Summit by International College of Surgeons

13 and 14 May 2018

Participated in MyFace Cadaveric Workshop by Academia, Singapore General Hospital

28 and 29 May 2018

Attended Aesthetics and Dermatology Treatments by Fotona Starwalker Q- switched Laser System ( Slovenia)

9 July 2018

Attended The Inaugural Fillmed Art Filler Symposium by Filorga

23 November 2018

5 years of Long Service ward of Dedicated Support and Contribution towards the Rehabilitation of Offenders by Singapore Prison Services.

24 November 2018

Participated in Teoxane Expert Day Asia by Teoxane  Laboratories ( Bali)

1 December 2018

Attended The Galderma Facial Anatomy Course – Singapore General Hospital by Galderma

2 December 2018

Cynosure APAC Forum 2019 by Cynosure

5 and 6 May 2019

Contribution in MyFace Cadaveric Workshop By Academia by Singapore General Hospital

12 and 13 July 2019

Attended Invigorating Lives GP Symposium by Society of Otolaryngology  ( Bangkok)

16 July 2019

Certificate of Rejuran Healer Expert by Pharma Research Korea

21 July 2019

Attended Asia Cosmetic Dermatology Conference 2019 by Dermatological Society of Malaysia ( Kuala Lumpur )