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Laser Removal of Skin Growths

*This treatment is performed by Singapore Medical Council (SMC) registered doctors.

Laser Removal of Skin Growths
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    Clearance of unsightly skin growths

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    Procedure Time

    Less than 15 minutes

Who is this For?

Skin growths can be unpleasant and even uncomfortable. Laser removal is a quick, safe and precise treatment option for unsightly skin growths like moles, skin tags, warts and milia.

The laser removes the skin growth with little disturbance to the surrounding normal and healthy skin. It delivers a precise and focused beam of energy to safely carbonise away the unwanted tissues. For tougher growths like milia, the laser can be used to gently gain access and facilitate easy extraction of the growth.

In general, skin growths are cleanly removed with just one treatment, although warts can be recurrent because of their viral nature.

The therapist prepares the treatment area by cleansing and anaesthetising it, a doctor carefully applies the laser over the area to target unwanted growths.

This safe treatment takes about 15 minutes for an average lesion, but this really depends on the number, size and location of lesions treated.

Post-care requires the application of an antibiotic cream to help the area to heal. Usual wound care to keep the treated areas clean and dry is required.

There will be formation of scabs at the treated areas. These scabs should be allowed to heal and fall off naturally. Larger scabs will take more days. In general, scabs on the face will heal faster than those on the body.

This procedure is performed by our doctors who are registered with the Singapore Medical Council.

Mostly, this is a one-time treatment but for recurring moles and warts, repeat sessions may be needed.

After healing and having the scabs drop off naturally, the treated areas will recover without marks. Scab care is of utmost importance to get optimal healing.

Post-treatment scabs take time to heal. Small scabs drop after 3 – 5 days. Larger scabs will need more days, about 7 – 10 days. Face scabs heal and drop off faster than those on the body (including the neck).

Do discuss with the doctor your expectations for downtime to better plan your treatment.

The treating doctor will recommend the appropriate products to aid in the healing process. These include antibiotic creams, Rejuran masks, D-cell serum and Crystal Tomato pills.