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Eye threads can be done on the brows to give it a  ‘lift’, it can also smoothen our under-eye bags. Dark eye circles and eye bags can be hereditary but more likely a ‘ New- age’ condition. The skin around the eye area is different from the rest of the face. It is thinner and more fragile. Ageing, stress from environmental aggression and inadequate sleep are contributing factors to the skin around the eye area sagging and forming a pouch in the under-eye area. Discolouration of the eye area due to poor blood circulation makes the eye bags appeared more pronounced.
The eye thread lift is a simple and safe procedure where sutures made of hyaluronic acid are inserted under the excess skin, pulled back slightly creating that lifting and tightening effect around the eye area. The lifting is about a few millimetres resulting in a subtle appearance alteration. The components of the threads further improve the skin around the eye area by jumpstarting the body’s natural ‘ healing process’. It continuously stimulates collagen and elastin production in the treated eye area, with lasting good effects.
This procedure is performed with local anaesthesia, is comfortable after the initial little needle prick. There may be some mild swellness and soreness thus some patients choose to take a day off but there are people who do it during their lunchtime break. It is important to wash the face gently, not to rub the eyes and sleep facing up for a week or so. As it is not a surgery, recovery time is very much shorter and cost is far more affordable than surgery.
The thread lift can be done for total face lifting and rejuvenation, complemented by other treatments such as Thermage, the energy medical device that helps to tighten and improve the skin texture. It can also be done with botox and fillers for enhanced results. It is important that you communicate with your aesthetic doctor who understands your needs and preference.
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