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*This treatment is performed by Singapore Medical Council (SMC) registered doctors.

  • Procedure Type

    Procedure Type


  • Results


    [Fine Lines / Wrinkles]: Smoother, more youthful appearance
    [Dark Eye Circles / Tired Eyes]: Smoother, larger eyes
    [Nose Shaping]: Elevated nose tip
    [Jawline Shaping / V-shaped Face]: Slimmer jawline

  • Downtime


    Mild redness over injected areas

  • Where


    [Fine Lines / Wrinkles]: Face
    [Dark Eye Circles / Tired Eyes]: Crow’s Feet, Under Eyes, Glabella
    [Nose Shaping]: Nose
    [Jawline Shaping / V-shaped Face]: Jaws (Masseter Muscles)

  • Procedure Time

    Procedure Time

    Less than 10 minutes


Neuromodulators are wrinkle-relaxing injections of botulinum toxin. These treatments consist of using non-surgical wrinkle-relaxing injections of lab-treated botulinum toxin. This kind of purified botulinum toxins is from bacteria sources, a compound produced from bacteria (Clostridium botulinum). Botulinum Toxin has a fascinating history as in naturally-occurring doses. When Neuromodulators are injected below the skin’s surface, they bind to receptors in your muscles. It acts as a messenger to block a substance called acetylcholine. This substance, acetylcholine is responsible for activating muscles. 


Neuromodulators work by blocking nerve signals in the muscles where it is injected. With those nerve signals disrupted, the impacted muscle is frozen or temporarily paralyzed. Without the motion of these selected muscles in the face, most wrinkles will be smoothened, reduced, and even removed. Treatments made with botulinum toxic substances are sold under their trademark names but ingredients are somewhat similar.




Neuromodulators only work on wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement. Hence these are called DYNAMIC wrinkles, and are typically called “expression lines”. 

The most typical dynamic wrinkles are on the upper face, like frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines. The most typical cause is muscular hyperactivity, which is the excessive contraction of the muscles in question.

Deep-set wrinkles such as the “11” between the brows, horizontal lines on the forehead, and crow’s feet around the eyes are not removable by any form of topical solutions, despite advertising that always tries to persuade the public otherwise! These wrinkles are caused by smiling, frowning, squinting, and other facial expressions which have folded the skin over many years.

On the other hand, neuromodulators alone do not work on fine lines and wrinkles that are brought on by drooping or loss of plumpness in the face. These are known as fixed wrinkles or STATIC wrinkles and are often the lines we find on the cheeks, neck, and jowl areas. In such cases, neuromodulators need to be combined with other injectables like Hydration Fillers/Skin-boosters holistic improvements.



Neuromodulators function for a variety of facial rejuvenation techniques, including elevating the brow by treating the brow depressor muscles giving the eyes a more open, lifted look (which is why it is also known as a non-surgical brow lift). However, it is not a long-term treatment—repeated treatments are required for ongoing wrinkle-reducing or rejuvenation effects. 


Micro-Botulinum Toxin Face Lift 

This technique is known as Intradermal Face Lift; Micro-Botulinum Toxin is a  technique targeted at the dermis (not muscles) in tiny diluted amounts, giving the face a supple “luminous glass effect”.

This quick treatment improves fine lines, shrinks pore size, sweat glands and sebaceous glands, resulting in healthy, radiant-looking skin.

It can be done on the whole face or at targeted areas. This is injected just under the skin layers and not the muscles; it does not cause any loss of movement in significant facial muscles or ‘ frozen expression’ as commonly known.


Derma Lift 

The Derma Lift procedure is also known as the ‘Liquid Face Lift “. It works by injecting a specially researched diluted amount of Botulinum Toxin at the intra-dermal layer, instead of into the facial muscles. It is a procedure that gives you a natural-looking facelift result while retaining facial expression.

Through clinical research, doctors know that the Derma Lift technique works by stimulating the fibroblast cells in the skin layer to cause tightening of collagen fibres. There is also a realignment of the cytoskeleton within a cell’s cellular matrix. The combination of the tightened collagen fibres with a realignment of the cytoskeleton gives a lifting effect to the face. Derma Lift treatment is a quick ‘ lunchtime’ procedure, relatively safe with little downtime.


Face Shaping and Slimming

Neuromodulators can also reduce a wide squarish jawline by relaxing the thick blocks of chewing muscles at the sides of our face called masseter muscles. In so doing, the thick chunky masseter muscles relax and lose their bulkiness. As a result, the face looks slimmer and over repeated sessions, the face also attains a smaller shape. Used with fillers, this is the right treatment combination to achieve a more proportionate facial shape.


Calf Slimming

Thick, stocky and bulky calf muscles can be shaped with neuromodulators as the mode of action is very much the same. It works on the same principle of relaxing the muscles, which then loses its bulk with repeated injections at regular intervals of 3-6 months.


Hyperhydrosis (Sweaty Palms/ Sweaty Underarms)

Other uses include those with hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms or sweaty armpits), which can be a troublesome or even embarrassing problem for sufferers of this condition. Neuromodulators can help, as the sweat glands respond to the neuromodulator injections by being less active in sweat production.

 In many cases, Neuromodulators need to be combined with Hydration Fillers/Skin-boosters and other injectables and/or treatments to bring about an overall improvement.


Our therapist begins the procedure by first cleaning and applying an anaesthetic cream on the targeted treatment area. Measured amounts of neuromodulators are carefully injected into the targeted muscle groups. Besides a needle prick upon injection, this is a comfortable procedure with minimal pain.

Neuromodulators are an ideal lunch-time treatment as the entire procedure typically takes less than 10 minutes. Please refrain from vigorous exercise, facial massages, steam rooms and hot saunas 6 to 8 hours after treatment. 

This procedure is performed by our doctors who are registered with the Singapore Medical Council.


The results of neuromodulators are noticeable from the third day onwards for the smaller facial muscles. Dynamic wrinkles will disappear and static lines will appear softer — giving you a youthful look.

It takes up to 2 weeks to see the effects on larger muscles like the masseter and calf muscles.

Individual results may vary.

There is no downtime for this treatment other than injection-related effects like needle marks and in some instances, mild, temporary bruising.

We recommend repeating neuromodulator injections every 3 to 6 months, depending on how quickly muscular hyperactivity returns.

While neuromodulators reduce the strength and activity of muscular contractions that contribute to the development of fine lines and wrinkles, complementing treatments such as Hydration Fillers/Skin-boosters, Fillers, Thermage and Ultherapy take care of other aspects of anti aging.