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Salmon DNA Injection 婴儿针

*This treatment is performed by Singapore Medical Council (SMC) registered doctors.

Salmon DNA Injection 婴儿针
  • Procedure Type

    Procedure Type


  • Results


    Rejuvenated, healthy and youthful skin

  • Downtime


    Multiple small bumps over treated area

  • Where


    Face and neck

  • Procedure Time

    Procedure Time

    45 minutes

What Is Salmon DNA Injection?

The salmon DNA injection is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure designed to support your skin’s natural regenerative capabilities. This treatment’s primary ingredient is polynucleotide which is processed from salmon sperm DNA. Polynucleotide stimulates fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen production and skin health. The targeted effect is improved skin texture, reduced signs of ageing like hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, and an overall more youthful appearance. It’s not surprising that it eventually earned the moniker of “baby skin injection”, an informal term used by some doctors around the world.

Salmon DNA is known for its compatibility with the human body and low risks of adverse reactions. The DNA is purified and free of unnecessary immunogenic proteins that may trigger an immune response. The injection can also be a complimenting skin booster to other laser-based treatments.Outside of Korea, where this treatment originates, Singapore is one of the top countries with the highest number of injections performed.

Who Is This Treatment For?

The Original Polynucleotide (PN) – Salmon DNA Injection (婴儿针)

Those who wish to treat acne scars, open pores and sensitive skin will benefit most from salmon DNA injections. It is typically suited for those with:

  • Skin redness due to poor skin quality
  • Wrinkles around the eyes, on the face and neck, both static and dynamic types
  • Dry skin that lacks radiance
  • Dull and sallow skin tone
  • Oily skin that needs balancing
  • Enlarged pores and uneven skin tone
  • Rough skin texture
  • Sensitive, dry or delicate skin with a lack of functional cellular regeneration

Who Is Not Suitable For Salmon DNA Treatment?

Salmon DNA treatment originates from salmon sperm, so individuals who have salmon intolerance or allergy should consider this treatment with caution. If you are on blood thinners such as warfarin, you should inform your doctor as you are susceptible to bruising and bleeding during the injection process. In addition, diabetic patients using insulin and people with stroke risks are advised not to consider this treatment.

Salmon DNA injections may not be suitable for vegans and vegetarians too.

Types Of Salmon DNA Injections

These are the types of injectables available in aesthetics clinics in Singapore:

Salmon DNA Injection – Healer 

This version of the salmon DNA treatment is defined by its anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation, and skin healing properties. It is intended to regenerate skin cells and treat the skin from within upon injecting into the dermis. It is suitable for those looking to tighten saggy skin, reduce wrinkles, minimise pore size, and improve overall skin tone and skin health. This has medium viscosity compared to its other variants and is generally used for the face and neck.

Salmon DNA Injection – For Eye Rejuvenation

As the area around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the body, wrinkles and fine lines form faster. With this, the loss of collagen makes the appearance of dark eye circles more obvious. This type of salmon DNA treatment focuses on specifically addressing this problem and rejuvenating the eye area. This diluted variant of the salmon DNA injection helps reduce crow’s feet and improve the elasticity of the under-eye area. Its liquid consistency due to lowered viscosity makes it a more suitable option for the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.

Salmon DNA Injection – For Acne Scar Treatment

This treatment helps with various old scars, like ice-pick depressed acne scars, box scars and rolling scars. It has a more concentrated formula, and its anti-inflammatory effects make it good for treating acne scars. The high viscosity of this type of salmon DNA injection promotes the restoration and reconstruction of tissue by inducing collagen production and skin healing. Moreover, it acts as a filler to puff up the depressed marks and scars, as well as help to repair the skin at the lower layers. With this treatment, your acne scars may look more shallow and less obvious.

Salmon DNA Injection – Combined With Hyaluronic Acid

As a natural component, hyaluronic acid helps to moisturise and lubricate the skin. Its production, however, diminishes with age. Combined with the polynucleotide responsible for stimulating the growth of fibroblasts and promoting collagen production, the salmon DNA injection with hyaluronic acid serves as a hydration booster. It is also suited for addressing skin damage by prolonged exposure to UV rays and cosmetic treatments.

First, the clinic assistant cleanses your face before applying anaesthetic cream to minimise discomfort. Then, the doctor carefully injects small amounts of polynucleotide into the superficial skin layers via a fine needle.

The salmon DNA injection procedure takes around 10 to 15 minutes.

You can expect to see improvement in your skin health in four treatment sessions. Since different people have different skin types and responses to salmon DNA treatment, the number of required sessions will vary.

Below is only an estimated timeframe of effects possible with the salmon DNA injection:

3 to 5 Days After First Session

  • Softer skin texture
  • Reduced sebum (oil) production due to a better balance between oil and moisture of the skin

2 to 4 Weeks After Second Session

  • Improved skin elasticity due to self-regeneration of collagen
  • Reduced fine wrinkles around the eyes
  • Reduced pores and dead cells

4 to 6 Weeks After Third Session

  • Skin feels naturally lifted thanks to improvement in skin elasticity
  • Skin volume filled out from the dermis layer of the skin

6 to 8 Weeks After Fourth Session

  • Rejuvenated skin for a youthful look

Post-treatment, you may see lines of small raised bumps (looking like rows of small mosquito bites) at the site of each injection. The bumps commonly resolve in about 24 hours to completely disperse and 48 hours for the eye area. It is precisely such bumps that tell the artistry of an experienced aesthetic doctor, as this intradermal treatment is injected just under the skin and needs to be injected evenly with a pair of steady hands. There might also be needle marks that one can cover with a little makeup.

It is recommended to take the first four salmon DNA injections, with the first three taken at monthly intervals for the best results. Subsequently, the fourth one can be taken in the sixth month. The number of treatments can vary based on the patient’s skin condition, with some needing four monthly sessions.

You may aim for more hydrated and supple skin that bounces when you can pair this treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers. If you have acne-prone skin, you may consider medical facials as well.



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Frequently Asked Questions About Salmon DNA Injection

One week before the salmon DNA treatment, you should:

  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Stop using skincare products containing glycolic acid
  • Protect the treatment area from UV exposure by applying sunscreen daily
  • Avoid using make-up on treatment day

Following the application of adequate anaesthetic cream, the procedure typically results in minimal to moderate discomfort. In addition, the salmon DNA injection, with the introduction of polynucleotide beneath the skin, the salmon DNA injection may lead to a mild stinging sensation.

You should be provided with specific post-treatment care instructions, which may include a temporary makeup restriction, after the salmon DNA treatment. It’s generally recommended to avoid wearing makeup immediately after to allow your skin to recover and minimise the risk of infection. Typically, makeup can be applied after a day or as advised by your doctor.

Doctors recommend at least four treatment sessions of the salmon DNA injections. Typically, you may start to see noticeable improvements after these sessions, with cumulative benefits over time. You may also receive a personalised treatment plan based on your skin’s condition and your desired outcome.

Yes, the salmon DNA injection can be combined with other medical aesthetic treatments. You may pair it with hyaluronic dermal fillers to hydrate the skin and give it a more radiant glow. However, if you have specific skincare goals in mind, you can talk to your doctor about them so that they can recommend suitable treatment to complement your salmon DNA treatment.

You may learn more about hydration fillers and other skin boosters here