Why Are Aesthetic Treatments In Singapore Not the cheapest!

Why Are Aesthetic Treatments In Singapore Not the cheapest!

We often hear of comments from patients to price our services more attractively and that “so and so” clinic is charging lower. Why Are Aesthetic Treatments In Singapore Not the cheapest? Patients would also tell us only the “cheapest price” price will get their business. It puzzles us much how these other establishments can do that. At Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics, we take pride in our doctor’s experience and expertise. We also take extreme care to serve our patients well, and we do not sell what we feel the patient does not need. Many times, the patient gives a budget, and we would help to plan their beauty goals and schedule.

What are the costs involved in Treatments?

Clinics classify treatments in 3 categories.

  1. Machines – Lasers for different purposes such as Anti-ageing, Acne and Scarring, skin growths, skin pigment reduction. They are also machines for slimming, body toning like Coolsculpt, Emsculpt and the Tesla Former Chair. Of cos, hair removal lasers
  2. Injectables– Threads, Botox, Dysport, Dermal Fillers, Steroids
  3. Therapist’s treatments- Chemical Peels. IPL, RF and Galvanic machines.
Maintenance costs are hefty
Aesthetic Beauty machines are expensive to maintain

Aesthetic Beauty Machines are very costly; on an average machine can cost between 200,000 to 450,000, which are subjected to depreciation cost and total write off when newer technology comes into the market.

There are also consumables such as cartridges, refills and maintenance cost that is fixed for every patient we serve. When any establishment can offer half the price of treatment that cannot even pay for a Thermage cartridge, we often wonder how that can be done.

At Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics, we do not deliver less than the optimum treatment in terms of the quality of our treatments. We only used FDA, often CE Marked from Europe and HSA approved machines from authorised Singapore distributors. Same goes for the source where we purchase our threads and all the injectables. Why is that so important?

Just like a patient thinks it is cheaper to do their treatments overseas, we do not deal with any sellers off the street to ensure the authenticity, efficacy and validity of the materials we purchased. We cannot afford any side effects from any inferior machines and materials. Singapore has always been a reliable brand; a big part has to do with integrity and honesty. The Singapore Medical Council governs all aesthetics medical clinic.

In Aesthetic medical beauty care, often it is not just the product or the machine, a lot more has to do with the doctor’s mastery of skills and the care and understanding of the patient’s needs according to The Hippocratic Oath they had taken.

Machines and devices in Aesthetics clinics are also in a different classification compare to the beauty salons and spas. There has got to be a reason why the government set it as a regulation that only doctors can operate them. Many procedures are single treatments that last for up to 2 years and not beauty treatment courses that require you to turn up every fortnight or month. Many patients do not realise that the review and aftercare by the doctor are essential; it is usually at the review that the doctor if the treatment needs any touchup and twerking for the lasting results. That is another issue contributing to why are Aesthetic Treatments In Singapore not the cheapest!

Why Are Aesthetic Treatments In Singapore Not the cheapest!
Why Are Aesthetic Treatments In Singapore Not the cheapest!

Like any other business, consider all the operation cost, salaries and rental. A Chinese saying ‘ Wool grows on sheeps” if the fees do not meet the cost, it could be a different machine, less than optimum treatment or the offer is a carrot used to entice you to come in before they upsell other services and products.

We, at Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics, stand by our belief of quality services and products. We do not engage in any price wars.