What do you look like without make up?

Have your friends commented that you look tired, despite a good rest? It could be due to droopy eyelids, which are a result of sagging of tissues – be it excess skin from loss of collagen/elastin or underlying bony changes in the orbit from ageing, or weakened muscles. Address this with Thermage or eye threads, which have minimal discomfort or downtime.

您的朋友說您看起來很疲倦,即使您有足夠的休息? 这可能是由于下垂的眼皮。这是由于胶原蛋白/弹性蛋白的流失导致皮肤下垂,或者由于衰老或眼眶肌肉的潜在骨质改变或肌肉无力令眼皮下垂。 通过Thermage或眼埋线來解决问题。這些治療的不論感很低,甚至不需要休息時間。