Removal of stretch marks by Lasemd

Removal of stretch marks by Lasemd

Stretch marks are as the name suggest, skin that has been overstretched, it can happen postnatal that dampens the joy of having a baby, it also happens to people who gain suddenly gain or lost too much weight. The overstretched skin disrupts the average collagen production under the skin, causing stretched marks. There are several creams and potions available ‘ over – the- counter ‘, some take a long time, and some do not work at all, especially on the matured stretch marks. You can discover what Lasemd laser can do for removal of stretch marks.

What is Lasemd?

Lasemd laser is a unique laser treatment that uses thulium fibre laser and fractional technology to help in stretch marks removal. The treatment delivers powerful skin rejuvenation through precise and controlled microscopic thermal injury inside the skin. The laser hastens collagen remodelling and stimulation of the skin repair, thus giving the stretch marks a smooth regenerated and rejuvenated skin. In the case of post natal woes, a loose vaginal may also need attention such as Thermiva, a feminine wellness therapy.

Each treatment comes with a serum, with the laser, helps penetrate deep into the skin layers for skin repair. However, to treat stretch marks, it takes a short course of about six sessions to achieve the optimum results.

When you visit one of the three clinics in Singapore at Orchard, Tampines, Jurong Point and KAP mall, our experienced aesthetics doctors will examine the treatment area to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. The therapist will cleanse the treatment area; this non-ablative is so gentle and comfortable that no anaesthetic pre-preparation is needed.

What to expect during treatment

In some cases, mild redness occurs after the treatment, but this wears typically off before the following day. Improvement in the appearance of stretch marks is expected after the 2nd session, but this may vary with individuals. No post-care is required, and the patient can return to their lifestyle and schedule immediately.

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