Fat Freezing – What is CoolSculpting, Part 1

15 Min Read – Cryolipolysis is an FDA (US) and HSA (SG) approved treatment for reducing fat. Recognised as a medically proven fat reduction procedure that has been backed up by research and evidence based results, it freezes localised fat deposits and bulges that have not been responsive to diet or exercise.

Sounds too good to be true? In this case, it actually is! Widely touted by celebrities and models the world over, this procedure is extremely useful in helping ordinary people to achieve their fitness and beauty goals in the ongoing war against stubborn flabby tissue. Freeze on!

As we age and get older, our bodies start to undergo major changes and one of these changes is a reduction in our metabolism, the rate at which our body burns fat for energy. Making holistic lifestyle changes such as through diet and exercise will drop the pounds but often than not, adopting these strict changes is easier said than done. The abundance of food laden with fat, sugar and calories create nothing but impossible hurdles to overcome through strict diet and exercise.

Fat Freezing – How CoolSculpting Works

Enter cryolipolysis, the treatment process that can reduce fat by as much as 25% in difficult-to-burn parts of the body. The process of CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells through an applicator, reducing the fat cell temperature to less than 4o C, triggering the death of these fat cells. These cells are then naturally cleared in the body through our lymphatic system. This approach makes this procedure very effective in reducing stubborn fat cells that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

“Reducing the fat cell temperature to less than 4o C. Fat Die!”

Just like how raw clay is sculpted by artisans into perfect symmetrical vases, this patented technique in the hands of our experienced doctors is very suitable for people who wish to eliminate any last remnant of localised fats in difficult to target areas. Targeted areas suitable for CoolSculpting are:

  • Love handles
  • Underneath of chin
  • Upper arms
  • Thighs
  • Lower & upper back
  • Lower buttocks

However, due to the huge number of treatments and weight loss packages available in the market, consumers are inundated with false promises and misconceptions in how our body stores and processes fat. Let’s look at the fat reduction treatment of CoolSculpting that utilises the process of cryolipolysis and how our doctors here at Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics can assist you in your weight loss journey by boosting the results of your strict exercise and diet regime.

Misconceptions about Weight Loss Versus Fat Reduction

Fats may seem to be the impossible to defeat arch nemesis in any dedicated weight loss journey but reality is far from this myth as humans need fats to survive. That is why when every person is born, they have a certain number of fat cells in the body. When we start to gain weight and put on the pounds, we look larger and a common misconception is that because we have more fatty deposits in the body.

That’s not the case scientifically speaking. we are heavier not because of an increase in fat cells but rather, these cells have actually expanded and when we adopt a healthier lifestyle and lose weight, these cells actually shrink. Non-surgical CoolSculpting destroys some of these fat cells in the treated area and the destroyed fat cells do not migrate to another part of the body as it is naturally removed by the body and fat cells in other parts of your body (non-treated areas) stay the same and are not affected.

As an FDA (US) and HSA (SG) approved treatment option, CoolSculpting has gone through rigorous and stringent medical research thus demonstrating its efficacy and high levels of safety and success in reducing fats.

  • CoolSculpting is an FDA (US) and HSA (SG) approved fat reduction treatment.
  • 360o degree applicators
  • Uniformed freezing of fat cells
  • FreezeDetect Function – Applicator constantly regulates optimal temperature to apply on fats and stays within safety range.

Questions about CoolSculpting – Our Advice

How many sessions will I require?

That depends on the surface area, amount of fat desired to be removed, patient’s expectations. Some patients have visible results that are observed as early as 3 weeks but optimal results are best observed at 2 months and some report continuous fat lost up to 6 months.

However, a sensible diet plan and holistic lifestyle change is still required to complement and increase treatment results. Our doctors will advised patients on the most suitable treatment plan forward. Individual results vary.

What does a session feel like?

Our therapist will prep the area targeted for CoolSculpting. The applicator head with a gel pad is placed on the area and you will feel a mild tugging, pinching as heat is gently removed from the targeted area followed by a tingling and slight cramping as the temperature drops to the required zone for optimal fat reduction. A session may take up to about 30 minutes.

Depending on patients, some may experience a very slight numbness and mild redness at the treatment area that is transient or some may experience a residual tingling sensation at the targeted area due to the body’s metabolism being stimulated. These are expected reactions with CoolSculpting® Freeze and Expel Fat – they will resolve without much worry quickly.

What should I expect?

You should note that over 7 million CoolSculpting procedures have been performed safely worldwide with over 52 published clinical research studies to backup the efficacy in this treatment.

Freeze away stubborn fats that do not seem to respond to rigorous diet and exercise today! CoolSculpting has been found to reduced fat cells in various areas by as much as 27% after 6 months1. Boost the effects of your religious diet and exercise with this medically approved fat reduction treatment!