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Skin Tightening & Facelift Treatment In Singapore

*This treatment is performed by Singapore Medical Council (SMC) registered doctors.
Experience firmer skin and an improved look with Ultherapy skin tightening treatment, a non-surgical facelift in Singapore that uses ultrasound energy to help address skin laxity and sagging while improving your appearance with minimal downtime. The facelift is tailored to individual concerns, ensuring natural and gradual results around the face and neck area.

Skin Tightening & Facelift Treatment In Singapore
  • Procedure Type

    Procedure Type

    Skin-tightening treatment with Ultrasound technology

  • Results


    [Fine Lines/Wrinkles]: Smoother, tighter skin
    [Saggy Skin/Volume Loss]: Smoother, tighter skin
    [Double Chin/Saggy Neck]: Smoother, tighter skin
    [Jawline Shaping / V-shaped Face]: Jawline definition

  • Downtime


    Minimal to no downtime, allowing for a quick return to daily activities.

  • Where


    [Fine Lines/Wrinkles]: Face, neck, chest
    [Saggy Skin/Volume Loss]: Face, neck, chest
    [Double Chin/Saggy Neck]: Face, neck, chest
    [Jawline Shaping / V-shaped Face]: Jaw

  • Procedure Time

    Procedure Time

    Varies between 30 to 90 minutes.

What is this Skin Tightening Treatment About?

This skin tightening treatment employs High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology, specifically using the advanced system known as Ultherapy®. It is designed to gently lift and potentially tighten the skin by targeting deep layers. The technique involves delivering ultrasound energy at temperatures of 60°C to 70°C to depths up to 4.5mm, promoting collagen remodelling while preserving the skin’s surface.

This non-invasive skin tightening and lifting treatment addresses various skin layers, including the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), and aims to stimulate new collagen formation. This method may lead to improvements in skin elasticity in areas like the upper face, lower face, neck, and décolletage, offering a non-invasive option that could potentially yield benefits akin to those of a surgical facelift. However, individual results may vary, and effectiveness can depend on each person’s unique skin condition and response to the treatment.

Is This Skin Tightening Treatment Right For You?

Embracing the years gracefully doesn’t mean you have to settle for sagging skin. Recommended for individuals noticing a gentle sag in their brow or neck, or those who see lines forming on their chest, this skin tightening treatment is designed to target mild to moderate skin laxity.

At the same time, this non-invasive facial treatment can help deliver a natural lift over time, resulting in an improved appearance without the extremes of surgery. While it does not serve as a replacement for surgical facelifts, it is recommended for those seeking an alternative, those not ready to undergo surgery, or anyone wishing to prolong the effects of previous cosmetic surgeries.

What Are The Benefits Of This Skin Tightening Treatment?

If you’re considering skin tightening treatment in Singapore, here’s how it can help manage your ageing skin:

  • Skin Tightening and Smoothing: This face lift treatment can help tighten and smoothen the skin, making it appear more youthful and vibrant.
  • Boost Collagen Production: The treatment can help to stimulate the collagen matrix within the skin, promoting its production, which in turn helps to gradually firm the skin over time.
  • Non-Invasive Approach: Unlike most facelifts, this face lift treatment requires no incisions or invasive techniques. It harnesses ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production naturally, promoting skin rejuvenation from within.
  • Evidence-Based Results: Its effectiveness is backed by scientific research.
  • Sustainability of Outcome: The treatment is designed to potentially produce visible results that may last between 12 to 18 months*, depending on the individual’s natural collagen production. It’s important to note that the process of collagen remodelling takes time, and as such, results may become more apparent over a period of two to three months following the treatment. Future touch-up treatments can be considered to help maintain the appearance and manage the natural ageing process. Do note that individual results may vary.
  • Minimal Downtime: The procedure is incredibly time-efficient, typically taking about an hour, which is helpful for the busy lifestyles in Singapore. Post-treatment, individuals may return to their daily routines.
  • Tailored to Individual Needs: This non-surgical facelift can be customised to address specific areas of concern, whether it’s the brow, chin, neck, or chest, offering a personalised approach to anti-ageing.

What Are The Areas Eligible For This Treatment?

This treatment is renowned for its versatility and efficacy in non-surgical face lifting and skin tightening treatments. This procedure may target several key areas:

Upper Face, Including Eyebrows

The brows are a common area of concern for many seeking to improve their appearance. This skin tightening treatment is FDA-cleared and may help to achieve a better look around the eyes without needles or any downtime.

Lower Face

For the lower face, this non-invasive facial treatment may help contour and sculpt the jawline and chin, which may result in a more defined facial structure. The lift and sculpting effect may gradually unfold over two to three months and may continue to improve for up to half a year.


Treating skin laxity on the neck can be challenging, but this non-surgical facelift can help to stimulate new collagen production deep within, resulting in a firmer and more youthful neck profile.

Under chin

For the area under the chin, this face lifting treatment can help address mild to moderate skin laxity. It can target this hard-to-treat area, encouraging the natural regeneration process that may lead to tighter, uplifted skin.

In addition to these areas, this non-surgical facelift may also help improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the décolletage.

What Happens During The Skin Tightening Treatment?

When you opt for this facelift treatment, it is a decision to help manage skin laxity, which may result in a more youthful complexion. Here’s what you can expect during the procedure:

Before The Treatment

The procedure begins with preparing the targeted area to maximise treatment benefits. The target area will be thoroughly cleansed to ensure it’s free from any impurities. Depending on individual preferences and the doctor’s recommendations, an anaesthetic cream may be applied. This step helps to ensure that the patient remains as comfortable as possible, minimising any sensations during the treatment. It’s essential to communicate with your doctor about any allergies or skin sensitivities before starting the facial treatment.

During The Treatment

The skin tightening treatment will commence with the application of ultrasound gel and placing the transducer on the skin. The doctor will then use ultrasound imaging to visualise your skin layers and determine the best place to deliver the ultrasound energy for optimum effect. There may be mild poking and warm sensations when the energy is delivered. The entire procedure may be completed in 30 to 90 minutes.

After The Treatment

Since there is minimal downtime with this skin tightening treatment, you may return to your normal activities immediately after the procedure. Some patients may experience slight swelling, tingling, or tenderness to touch. These side effects are temporary and mild in nature. As with any medical procedure, there may be other side effects, which the doctor will explain during your initial consultation.

What Can I Expect From This Treatment?

Patients typically observe the full benefits of this non-surgical facelift within two to three months post-treatment, with some reporting an immediate improvement in skin firmness. The technology behind this skin tightening treatment helps to ensure continuous stimulation of the skin’s layers for up to six months, promoting long-lasting tightening effects that can endure for approximately 18 months.

Following the treatment, as collagen production is progressively stimulated, you may begin to notice a diminishment in fine lines and a return to a firmer, refreshed complexion.

For those who make this treatment a consistent part of their annual skincare regime, the effects may be more pronounced. Regular stimulation through this procedure may contribute to a richer collagen reserve, meaning your skin may appear more youthful and resilient compared to untreated skin of the same age.

Do keep in mind that individual experiences with this face lift treatment can differ, particularly when considering the initial degree of skin ageing.

Is There Any Downtime After The Treatment?

There is minimal downtime for this skin tightening treatment. However, you may experience mild swelling and soreness immediately after the treatment. The doctor will prescribe painkillers if necessary. Other than that, you won’t be confined to days of recovery or face extended periods away from your regular activities. You may dive back into your daily routine, whether that means returning to work, meeting friends, or attending social events. The minimal disruption ensures you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a younger-looking appearance without the prolonged wait or recovery challenges associated with other procedures. However, this may differ from person to person.

Recommendations From The Doctor

Receiving non-invasive facial treatments such as Thermage and Thermage FLX on an annual basis will potentially help in the maintenance of optimal results. To enhance the effects, you may combine it with other anti-ageing procedures such as non-surgical RF skin tightening, thread lifts, fillers, and dermalift.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ultherapy Skin Tightening in Singapore

This non-invasive facial treatment, sometimes referred to by its brand name Ulthera, is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It also has the safety CE Mark in Europe and is HSA-approved in Singapore. The evidence of the safety and efficacy of this treatment is substantial through various clinical studies with over 1.5 million treatments performed worldwide.

The use of lasers usually helps to address issues in the skin’s superficial layers, such as pigmentations, acne and wrinkles, and require an optical (colour) endpoint as lasers are light energies. Meanwhile, this skin tightening treatment targets the dermal layers from the superficial depth of 1.5mm to 4.5mm. Besides, this treatment is not affected by skin tone and colour.

Ultherapy®, available in Singapore, employs a form of micro-focused ultrasound with real-time visualisation technology, acknowledged with FDA approval. This technology enables precise targeting of skin layers at depths of 1.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.5mm. This approach, similar to other HIFU treatments but distinguished by its precision, is part of the treatment process. Lasting from 30 to 90 minutes, the non-surgical procedure avoids incisions or general anaesthesia, aiming to minimise disruption. This aspect allows for the possibility of a swift return to daily activities following the treatment. However, it is essential to recognise that individual results and experiences with this treatment may vary.

The collagen-building process typically develops over 90 to 180 days, and may continue even after that. A single skin tightening treatment can last up to two years.

The face lift experience may differ for each person. While some may feel a warm sensation or slight discomfort during the procedure, others may find the pain relatively manageable. It’s important to discuss any concerns with the treatment provider to ensure optimal comfort during the procedure.

As with most non-invasive facial treatments, this treatment has minimal side effects. Some patients may experience temporary redness, swelling, or tingling in the treated area. However, these effects are usually mild and may subside shortly after the treatment. Always consult a qualified medical professional to understand any potential risks based on individual health and skin conditions.

After the skin tightening treatment, it’s advisable to follow the doctor’s recommended post-care guidelines. This may include staying hydrated, avoiding Singapore’s direct sunlight, and applying sunscreen. Maintaining a regular skincare routine and avoiding factors that can cause premature ageing, such as smoking and excessive sun exposure, may also help prolong the treatment’s benefits. If possible, avoid applying makeup right after the treatment to prevent the pores from clogging. It also ensures optimal absorption of any post-treatment products or serums. This will also reduce the risk of potential skin irritations or reactions.