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What is the Laser Body Contouring Treatment? Hyperthermic Laser Lipolysis


10 Min Read – Before attempting to understand what is the Laser Body Contouring Treatment, we should first understand the technology this treatment is based on. One of the key benefits of Laser Body Contouring? It’s an FDA and HSA approved slimming treatment just like CoolSculpting.


Laser Lipolysis Vs Cryolipolysis – How It Works

Laser Body Contouring is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that bears similarities with another popular treatment, CoolSculpting. Both Laser Body Contouring and CoolSculpting target fat cells in the body/treatment area with lasers that destroy these targeted fat cells in areas like love handles, abdomen, inner and outer thighs. CoolSculpting works by freezing these fat cells through a process called Cryolipolysis while Laser Body Contouring works by heating these cells through Laser Lipolysis. Both treatments are FDA (US) and HSA (SG) approved non-surgical fat reduction treatments and do not require any major open surgery and when compared to traditional liposuction both treatments have a much lower risk factor. Read more about Cryolipolysis here.


Liposuction may be the main staple of fat reduction treatments but regardless of the skill of the surgeon, it is still an open surgery, requiring the patient to undergo anaesthesia. Complications always abound in any sort of surgery.


Laser Body Contouring – Non-Invasive Mechanism of Action

Laser Body Contouring uses a 1060 nm diode hyperthermic laser to achieve suitable hyperthermic temperatures within the body’s adipose tissue (body fat). Laser Body Contouring does this by heating the treatment area to about (420c – 470c), just the optimal temperature and at the right penetration depth, below the dermis layer to damage the structural integrity of fat cell membranes, thus triggering fat cell death. In the weeks and months to come, the body then naturally disposes these destroyed fat cells through our body’s lymphatic system.


The 1060nm wavelength has been thoroughly researched to deliver the energy required to safely target adipose tissue without damaging the skin and other bodily tissue1. The proprietary energy modulation method used to sustain the energy is a unique trademark of Laser Body Contouring. Fat cells destroyed in this manner do not migrate to other parts of the body as they are permanently destroyed! In fact, as an added plus point of this treatment is that due to the laser, it also results in skin tightening of lax skin as your skin is being stimulated to produce collagen and elastin.


The controlled temperature achieved by this treatment through the hyperthermic laser excites the fat cell molecules which then generates heat. All this while also having low absorption within the dermis therefore, all that energy is able to adequately reach the adipose tissues. Also, people of all skin types, I – VI can be safely used without irritation to the overlying skin.


Laser Body Contouring Treatment Process

  1. Doctor first assess and marks out up to four treatment areas. Each Laser Body Contouring machine has four applicators. On larger treatment areas like the abdomen, up to four can be used simultaneously, covering a lateral area of about 140 cm2. Other smaller treatment areas like calves can utilise up to two applicators, two on each calf.
    • Each applicator covers about 35 cm2.
  1. A belt is affixed on to the marked out treatment area. A proprietary cream will be applied on the marked out area first before applicators are then securely attached onto the belt.
    • Through these applicators, heat will be delivered uniformly to the treatment area.
    • These applicators have a constant cooling plate that also constantly cools the treatment area.
  1. The 25 mins treatment will then begin. As the temperature can be adjusted, even at the highest setting, patient comfort has been reported through numerous clinical studies.
  2. As the patient undergoes the treatment, a constant heating and cooling sensation can be felt throughout the treatment.
  3. According to studies done, within four minutes, the required temperature range would have been reached as compared to CoolSculpting that will require one hour.
    • During treatment, the patient is able to read a magazine or even take a quick nap due to the painless and customisable comfort level setting.
  1. After the first treatment area, depending on the number of treatments the patient has chosen, the next area will be treated next. Example: abdomen, inner thighs etc.
  2. Once all areas have been treated, the patient is free to return to your daily activities without any post treatment massage or downtime! 



Efficacy of Treatment – Laser Body Contouring

In recent years, the wide acceptance of non-invasive slimming treatments and the technology developed has gained increased popularity due to a normal aversion to surgery by most patients. Additionally, most plastic surgeons have increasingly added non-invasive body contouring treatment options like Laser Body Contouring and CoolSculpting to their practice. Also, sometimes due to lengthy after surgery downtime in cosmetic surgical treatments or because of other complications, more of these nonsurgical slimming treatments have been offered as standard treatments for patients looking to define their body.


This speaks volumes on the acceptance and more than obvious efficacy of nonsurgical fat reduction treatments1. Read more about Laser Body Contouring here.


Laser Body Contouring For You – Body Trinity

As for any weight loss treatment, a holistic approach is always the first step as not making changes to diet and lifestyle will only bring back any loss of weight within a few months. A sensible diet and exercise regime coupled with a lifestyle change is a must-follow compliment to any weight loss treatment.


Laser Body Contouring is a quick and zero downtime slimming treatment that can be safely and synergistically paired with our Body Trinity Program for maximum results consisting of: Laser Body Contouring, CoolSculpting and BTL Emsculpt for a total 3600  holistic weight loss solution. Ask us about our slimming treatments today!


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