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REJURAN® (Baby Skin Injection)

*This treatment is performed by Singapore Medical Council (SMC) registered doctors.

REJURAN® (Baby Skin Injection)
  • Procedure Type

    Procedure Type


  • Results


    Rejuvenated, healthy and youthful skin

  • Downtime


    Multiple small bumps over treated area

  • Where


    Face and neck

  • Procedure Time

    Procedure Time

    45 minutes

Who is this For?

Rejuran, The Baby Injection

REJURAN® (Baby Skin Injection)

Manufactured in Korea

Who is REJURAN for?

REJURAN ® Healer, popularly known as Baby Skin injection, is a safe treatment that boosts your skin’s own restoring capabilities by stimulating fibroblasts with Polynucleotide (PN). Fibroblasts are responsible for producing collagen and other parts of healthy skin. Outside of Korea, where REJURAN originates, Singapore is one of the top countries with the highest number of REJURAN injections performed.


REJURAN Healer’s primary ingredient is Polynucleotide (PN) which is processed from salmon sperm DNA. PN naturally occurs in newly formed tissue as a protective and recovery agent against environmental damages.

PN sheds old keratinized skin cells to reveal fresher, baby skin cells. The regenerative capability helps to fade hyperpigmentation and scars. Overall, PN will induce a naturally supple, radiant and brighter skin. That is how the name REJURAN® (Baby Skin Injection) came about.

In line with our busy schedule and lifestyle, there is an increasing need for aesthetic treatment that is multifunctional. REJURAN ® Healer deals with skin concerns that include ageing, sun damage and acne. Doctors perform the procedure on the face, neck and back of hands. A few of the issues REJURAN® (Baby Skin Injection)can help address are:

* Skin Redness due to poor skin quality

* Wrinkles, both static and dynamic types

* Dry Skin that lack radiance

* Dull and sallow skin tone

* Oily Skin that needs balancing

* Enlarged Pores and uneven skin tone

* Rough skin texture

* Helps sensitive or delicate skin with functional cellular regeneration

REJURAN-S helps with various old scars like Ice pick depressed Acne Scars, box scars and rolling scars

REJURAN can reverse UV damage. It does so by enhancing cellular DNA repair and clears the toxicity of UV-damaged cells. Results from a laboratory study showed that REJURAN effectively blocked 90 per cent of UVB rays and as much as 20 per cent of UVA rays. Researchers likewise found that the harsher the UVA/UVB light was, the more powerful and protective the PN from salmon sperm DNA became.

REJURAN originates from salmon testes and sperm ( some sugar-coating calls it salmon DNA), so individuals who have salmon intolerance should not consider this treatment. Patients who are on blood thinners such as warfarin should inform their doctors as they are susceptible to bruising and bleeding during the injection process.

Post-treatment, REJURAN® (Baby Skin Injection) has a rather strange post-treatment look because it is an injection that goes into the intradermal layers in dots. In appearance, there are lines of small raised bumps ( looking like rows of small mosquitoes bites)at the site of each injection. The bumps commonly resolve in about 24 hours to completely disperse, 48 hours for the eye area. It is precisely such bumps that tell the artistry of an experienced aesthetic doctor; as this intradermal treatment is injected just under the skin and needs to be injected evenly with a pair of steady hands. There might also be needle marks that one can cover with a little makeup.

Although Botox remains the top aesthetic injection treatment in Singapore, it does not reverse existing skin damage and has limited collagen synthesizing abilities.

REJURAN Healer is a tremendous technological alternative, giving a multi-function aesthetic solution.



A highly popular treatment that originates from Korea, manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. REJURAN Healer took the stage in 2014 and became very popular. As our skin ages, collagen and flexible fibres in the skin decreases and our dermis layer gets thinner and loses elasticity. External stimuli and stress accelerate this ageing process. That is the reason that aged skin feels thinner, with wrinkle formation. REJURAN Healer injection took centre stage in 2014 and became significantly popular. REJURAN Healer comprises of PN( Polynucleotide) to regrow skin tissue, make our skin stronger and increase its elasticity.

Types of Rejuran injectables available in Aesthetics Clinics in Singapore

  1. Rejuran Healer
  2. Rejuran I – for eye rejuvenation
  3. Rejuran S – for acne scar treatment
  4. Rejuran HB – combined with hyaluronic acid (coming into Singapore market in 2020)

Patients who wish to treat acne scars, open pores and sensitive skin will benefit most from Rejuran injections.

Here 6 frequently asked questions about the REJURAN Healer.

1. WHAT are the effects of REJURAN HEALER?

The main effects are that it restores the skin cells. It is thus useful for treating acne scars and tightening up open and enlarged pores in your skin. It is known for making your complexion more vibrant, achieving the “Korean Glass Look.”


A Polynucleotide consists of more than 10 Nucleotides, which are connected. These Polynucleotides are found in DNA. When REJURAN is injected into the skin’s dermal layer, it stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new collagen. This treatment increases its elasticity and reverses the damages that are present in the skin. There are no known side effects to REJURAN Healer

3. WHAT is the difference between REJURAN HEALER and other PDRN injections from Korea?

PN are longer chains than PDRN (Polydeoxiribonucleotide). Most PDRN act rapidly in healing skin structures, but they do not last long. PN (longer DNA chains) in the REJURAN Healer is longer lasting and creates a ‘mesh’ under the skin structure and supports it.

4. WHO is suitable for REJURAN HEALER?

* For those who worry about ending up with “unnatural look” from fillers or botox, means that REJURAN Healer could be an excellent option to consider as it repairs and restores naturally.

* For patients with dry or sensitive skin.

*Any age groups with sensitive skin, in need of repair.

* For people concerned with wrinkles around the eyes, on the face and neck. It can also treat stretch marks.

* For those with thinned or delicate skin from over-treatment.

* For those who wish to achieve better skin quality

5. WHEN can you see results from REJURAN Healer?

After 2~5 days, the skin becomes smoother and hydrated.

After 2~4 weeks, skin becomes more supple due to collagen regeneration, with light wrinkles smoothened and enlarged pores reduced.

After a month, there is a natural lift and plumped up skin.

6. WHAT are the possible SIDE EFFECTS?

The main properties of the REJURAN® (Baby Skin Injection) are that it is very compatible with our skin. When injected on its own, it has no known adverse effects. Please discuss with your doctor about your treatment history before getting REJURAN healers.

The REJURAN® procedure is safe, gentle and tolerable. Our therapist cleanses your face and applies the anaesthetic cream to minimise discomfort. Small amounts of REJURAN® Healer Polynucleotide (PN) are carefully injected into the superficial skin layers via a fine needle.

The procedure takes around 45 minutes.

REJURAN® (Baby Skin Injection)

Rejuran Healer at Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics

This procedure is performed by our doctors who are registered with the Singapore Medical Council.

You can expect to see significant improvement of your skin health in 4 treatment sessions. We have outlined the changes you’ll be able to see here:

3 to 5 days after first session
Softer skin texture
Reduced sebum (oil) production due to better balance between oil and moisture of skin

2 to 4 weeks after second session
Improved skin elasticity due to self-regeneration of collagen
Reduced fine wrinkles around eyes
Reduced pores and dead cells

4 to 6 weeks after third session
Skin looks naturally lifted thanks to improvement in skin elasticity
Skin volume filled out from dermis layer of skin

6 to 8 weeks after fourth session
Rejuvenated skin for a youthful look

Individual results may vary.

You can expect multiple small bumps (like mosquito bites) over the treated areas. These typically resolve in 2 to 3 days.

We recommend taking your first 3 treatments at monthly intervals for the best results. Subsequently, you can choose to repeat treatments at 3 to 6 monthly intervals to maintain healthy and youthful skin.

For even more hydrated and supple skin that bounces to the touch, we recommend pairing REJURAN® Healer with Hydration Fillers/Skin-boosters and Profhilo®.