Rejuran® Korean Beauty Secret, Younger Skin

Rejuran® Korean Beauty Secret, Younger Skin

15 Min Read – Rejuran is a next-level bio-tech product of K-beauty. First developed and approved for use in Korea, Singapore now boasts the highest number of treatments performed outside the country most synonymous with aesthetic treatments.

Here at Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetic clinics, we only use original Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Korea) approved and HSA (Singapore) approved Rejuran.

How to get baby skin?

Rejuran / 婴儿针 (in Mandrarin) or commonly referred to as Rejuran Healer is derived from salmon DNA that consists of injectable purified Polynucleotides (DNA fragments) commonly used to rejuvenate and/or treat multiple skin conditions.

This K-Beauty secret was first extensively researched and developed in Korea1 by Korean researchers. So if you have uneven skin tone (pigmentation, dull skin issues), aging (wrinkles, sagging skin) concerns, acne (scars, inflammation), open pores, uneven skin texture, UV damage or all of the above and some more, Rejuran will be a very suitable treatment that you should not miss out on.

“Rejuran… commonly used to rejuvenate and/or treat multiple skin conditions.”

The list of dermal conditions Rejuran treats is a testament to its efficacy and success rate in improving, restoring, and fortifying your skin’s natural defenses. Every syringe of Rejuran delivers concentrated Polynucleotides (PN) that are derived from processed salmon sperm DNA.

How it works is through the restorative function of PN that stimulates skin fibroblasts to jumpstart your dermal cellular matrix to repair damaged cells, produce collagen and rejuvenate overall dermal cells. PN is responsible for producing collagen in the body. Although derived from salmon DNA, it is highly biocompatible with our body and doesn’t cause any inflammation or immune response, therefore, making it even suitable for people with sensitive skin. The overall function of PN is like a multi-fold derma catalyst to address the following skin issues:

1. Pigmentation – Uneven Skin Tones, Melasma, Freckles

PN serves to even out hyperpigmentation and brightens uneven skin tone for people with dull or UV damaged skin by enhancing your skin’s cellular DNA repair functions even protecting and reversing UV or any environmental pollutant damage. It also aids in post-treatment recovery, smoothens, and lightens any skin blemishes.

  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Also used to treat dark eye circles

2. Aging Signs – People in 20s – 40s & Beyond

As we age, our skin starts to produce less collagen and PN helps treat fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates skin making it more supple, restoring elasticity and firmness, even reversing aging signs. Skin is also denser and thickened to be more resilient towards premature signs of aging.

  • Botox is usually the best go to treatment for aging concerns but doesn’t reverse aging conditions so combine it with Rejuran.
  • Prevents and reverses Pre-mature aging
  • Improves natural aging look compared with Botox.
  • Restores skin hydration

3. Acne Scars – Sensitive, Scarred & Delicate Thin Skin

Reduction in sunken acne scars, enlarged pores that are very difficult to hide with concealers and foundation can be treated with Rejuran. Skin inflammation around any region of the face is another common complication in acne that also responds very well to Rejuran treatment.

  • Helps balances oily skin for people with acne
  • Redness and anti-inflammation
  • Remodels overall skin ravaged by acne
  • Removes acne scars

4 Types of Rejuran

Rejuran treatment in Singapore and in our clinic has a variety of uses and can be broken down into 4 types namely:

1. Rejuran Healer – Overall Face Rejuvenation

2. Rejuran I – Eye Rejuvenation

Reduces fine wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes, dark eye circles, under-eye area. Lowest viscosity.

3. Rejuran S – Acne Scar Treatment

Used for treating acne scarring, Ice pick depressed acne scars, box scars, and rolling scars. Highest viscosity.

4. Rejuran HB – Hydro-boost

Combined with Hyaluronic Acid for deep hydration, boosting skin repair, retains moisture in the skin. Medium viscosity. Read more about Hyaluronic Acid here.

What is Treatment Like?

Due to it’s high bio-compatibility, Rejuran can be used for even very sensitive or thinned skin so it can be easily combined with other treatments. Your skin surface is prepped by our skin therapist who will cleanse and apply an anesthetic or numbing cream over the treatment area.

Next, the injection will only be done by our SMA qualified doctor who also has received extensive practical training in using Rejuran. A series of micro-injections will be done over the treatment area, injected into the dermis or epidermis layer. For PN to fully work, only injectables have a 100% success rate2 at penetrating into the superficial layers of the skin where the treatment needs to be at. Rejuran gels, off-the-counter serums do not guarantee a 100% penetration.

“Due to it’s high bio-compatibility, Rejuran can be used for even very sensitive or thinned skin.”

Post Treatment Results

You can expect a series of small raised bumps that look like micro mosquito bites at the site of each injection. These micro-raised bumps will subside within 24 hours and 48 hours around the eye area and fully resolves around 2-3 days. These bumps are a natural aesthetic result from Rejuran and as a patient, one should see these bumps as each injection is evenly done over the superficial layers of the skin, it requires a pair of steady hands that directly reflects on the aesthetic skill of the doctor.

  • The procedure takes about 45mins
  • Minimal downtime
  • Desired results are best seen after 4 treatments
  • Best for Pigmentation, Aging, and Acne
  • Individual treatment results vary

1st Session after 3 – 5 days

  • Supple and softer skin
  • Less oily and dry skin

2nd Session after 2 – 4 weeks

  • Skin looks more tone, elastic
  • Eye areas start to have an improved appearance
  • New skin is regenerated, replacing dead skin
  • Reduced pores

3rd Session after 4 – 6 weeks

  • Skin is firmer and tighter, less sagging that looks naturally lifted compared with Botox.
  • Skin is noticeably more thicker with volume from the dermis layer due to increased collagen production.

4th Session after 6 – 8 weeks

  • Fully rejuvenated skin

We recommend taking your first 3 treatments at monthly intervals for the best results. For maintenance, you can choose to repeat treatments at 3 to 6 monthly intervals to maximise the treatment.

Rejuran is very tolerable by any skin condition without any recorded side effects. It can be standalone or serve as an adjunct to other treatments. For even more hydrated and supple skin that bounces to the touch, we recommend pairing Rejuran with Hydration Fillers/Skin-boosters, Profhilo or RF Microneedling.