Got a secret?

You are with friends during on girls night out, and someone tells a funny joke. You laugh, and accidentally urinate! This is ‘stress incontinence’, and while no one likes to discuss this openly, it is very common among women over the age of 40. We use non-surgical treatments like ThermiVa and TESLA Former to address these concerns.

您在女生朋友在夜晚一起玩,有人在讲一个有趣的笑话。您笑了,但不小心尿渗了!这就是压力性尿失禁的情况。虽然没有人喜欢公开讨论,但它在40岁以上的女性非常普遍。我们可使用ThermiVa和TESLA Former等非手术疗法来解决这些问题。