Don’t make these acne mistakes

Don’t make these acne mistakes

As we try to keep our face “clean” and smooth, we don’t realise that these acne mistakes are damaging our faces instead. Acne and pimples do not just happen to teenagers, many still get acne well into your 30s, 40s, and beyond. There are many ways to treat acne, but in the journey to getting better skin, do avoid making these common acne mistakes.

Some common acne mistakes

Not keeping it clean

Acne is a form of skin inflammation, and keeping the face clean is the basic absolute need! In hot and humid weather in Singapore, washing your face after exercise keep the germs from spreading.

Overdoing Washing or Scrubbing

The other end is also true for some people, washing or scrubbing too much can irritate the skin. Be careful of some skincare products as some acne scrubs can aggravate inflammation, and some cleansers strip the face of its natural oils.

Squeezing Pimples

Squeezing pimples can be very tempting but it can cause soreness and redness with permanent acne scars in the skin. Squeezing the pimple incorrectly also leads the spread of germs and thus even more pimples.

Wearing Makeup to cover the acne and pimples

Foundation and concealers are making pimpled skin any better, in face mineral oil from cosmetic products will clog the pores making the skin health even worse. It is important to totally clean away the makeup at the end of the day. We recommend starting with a milk cleanser to remove the foundation followed by a foam wash to thoroughly clean the face. Please keep all the makeup brushes and applicators clean by washing them every week.

Dr Cindy and her team can help

Acne should be treated at any age and as early as you can before it turn into acne scars. Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics is known for treating acne and pimples, our comprehensive acne control program consists of two laser treatments, namely the ‘Clear & Smooth Laser’ and the ‘Acne Red Mark Laser’. The two lasers deliver different wavelengths of specific lengths that penetrate the skin deeply to bring about effective acne control. Read more about types of acne and its cure here.