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Beauty Matters Beyond Skin Deep

10 Min Read – Acne Treatment in Singapore

Acne Treatment in Singapore – The Local Guide


As I lay flat on my bed, I had to ensure that the sides of my face – especially the sensitive acne-prone skin on my cheeks – did not touch my newly washed pillow. I just had an outbreak. My face sometimes feels like a war zone throughout my teenage and young adult years, always plagued by active inflammatory acne and having to patronize multiple skin doctors over the span of years to treat them. Yes ouch.


The reasons for it is like the once a month shopping list: clogged pores, overactive sebum glands, raging puberty hormones, bacteria, blackheads, whiteheads, being under the sun without adequate sunblock, using the wrong products, not sleeping enough, inherited genes etc. – the list goes on and on. For me, acne and the secret to beauty is most certainly personal and beyond skin deep.

Like jostling for that Chanel handbag (in red) during an end of season sale or trying to find an empty lot to park your car during lunch. Every single imperfection adds to your beauty. Every treatment a first step. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and constantly protects us from bacteria, environmental pollutants harmful to the body, the elements, UV rays, acting as an insulating shield. Think of it as an umbrella on a wet rainy day. As our skin is so large, hence the complexity when it comes to treatment options.

Skin problems and acne scar, Acne facial care treatment – We treat them.


Tackling Acne Causes – Holistically @Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics

So, if the path to flawless skin is like a limited Black Friday bargain sale then shouldn’t acne be treated on all fronts holistically as part of a comprehensive treatment plan? Acne Treatment and the root causes of it, according to the caring, very knowledgeable and experienced skin doctors at Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetic clinics have a host of causes. As unique as all of us are, every patient’s treatment is, unfortunately also very unique. And like all roads leading to Rome, we can arrive at our intended destination. But only with the right guidance. Find out some tips about Acne Treatment in Singapore here.


Acne causes? Clogged pores, over active sebum glands, 
raging puberty hormones, bacteria, blackheads, whiteheads, being under the sun 
without adequate sunblock, using the wrong products, not sleeping enough, 
inherited genes etc. 


Most causes for acne might be one of the following or all of them plus some more. Acne bacteria, excess sebum production from your oil glands, clogged pores. Affordable Acne Treatment in Singapore at Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetic clinics is one of their focus areas this year. Read More about Acne Scars here.

These are obviously not the full exhaustive list but as with any treatment, you must get an initial skin assessment and examination right here – #drcindymedicalaesthetics

 Although the majority of us have different skin conditions and require individually customized treatment solutions, the experienced skin doctors here at Dr Cindy’s recommend a combination of treatment options and more we can explore to treat Acne Vulgaris – the actual medical term used to describe active inflammatory acne. Most of our treatments are affordable.


5 Tips and Lifestyle – Preparing for Treatment

Sometimes if your skin is too sensitive, avoiding certain products may be more beneficial. Although facial scrubs can help exfoliate the skin, it can also sometimes irritate and worsen oily and acne-prone skin. Exfoliation is the process to remove excess dead skin cells so the underlying healthy skin can surface. Some signs of over-exfoliation are red, flaky skin, irritation and inflamed with a rash-like patchy texture. Always consult our clinic consultants to match you with the most suitable product. Scrubs tend to irritate the acne-prone skin, as with too much washing.

So for starters, apart from seeking medical help for serious acne, making lifestyle changes to your skincare regime is equally important. With basic skin and self-care, you can avoid aggravating your existing skin problems.

1. Washing with a Cleanser – DCMA Oil Control Facewash As everyone’s skin is subjected to daily dirt and grime, washing your face at least twice a day is a must. First pair it with a gentle cleanser specially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin. Grab one here.  Fortified and enriched with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Watercress extract, your skin is exfoliated from dead skin cells, oil and leaves skin feeling refreshed. Watercress Extract naturally helps your skin to regulate sebum.


2. Gentle Cleanser –  As our cleanser has main ingredients using salicylic acid, glycolic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids, it doesn’t over-cleanse or irritates the skin. Always ensure consistency in using any product and consult our clinic consultants if unsure.


3. Avoiding Irritants – Makeup hides as well as worsens oily skin so removing makeup with our DCMA Cleanser B can ensure skin is cleanse at the end of the day. L-Lactic Acid brightens your skin complexion as it hydrates. The B-complex vitamins accelerate skin renewal with Seaweed Extract helping to moisturize exfoliated skin.


4. Avoiding the Sun – The sun can wreck an already dry skin. Oil and sweat on skin can worsen an already overactive oil skin. Always use a sunscreen when out under the sun and ensure it doesn’t clog your pores but moisturizes them. Sometimes acne treatment may cause skin dryness and scaling so avoid extended periods of sun exposure while your skin is being treated.


5. Avoid Over Washing – Although washing your skin daily will help remove clogged pores, sometimes it may worsen acne resulting in red and flaky skin so avoid this. Always keeping pores unclogged with a cleanser with salicylic acid is a good start since it also reduces inflammation. Keep face washing to twice a day is a good habit to cultivate so as to avoid over-washing or skin irritation.


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