Miriqa® Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement – 3 Boxes


Product Details

Better. Brighter. Fairer.

Made from Olives, Tomatoes with colourless carotenoids and L-Cysteine, all the essential super-antioxidants to build strong, beautiful and healthy skin. Calm and soothe irritated skin. Repair damaged and blemished skin caused by environmental aggression such as sun exposure. Overall skin brightening and evenness of skin tone.

Having your daily dose of Miriqa® is like eating the freshest pick of tomatoes and olives. It can be taken anytime you desire, day or night, before or after food. We recommend to take daily at a regular time (i.e. if a capsule is taken in the morning on the 1st day, try to follow the same routine the following day.


Only 1 capsule a day.

Invest in your skin. Its going to represent you for a long time.