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Ultherapy® Non-invasive Facelift

*This treatment is performed by Singapore Medical Council (SMC) registered doctors.

Ultherapy® Non-invasive Facelift
  • Procedure Type

    Procedure Type

    Skin-tightening treatment with Ultrasound technology

  • Results


    [Fine Lines/Wrinkles]: Smoother, tighter skin
    [Saggy Skin/Volume Loss]: Smoother, tighter skin
    [Double Chin/Saggy Neck]: Smoother, tighter skin
    [Jawline Shaping / V-shaped Face]: Jawline definition

  • Downtime



  • Where


    [Fine Lines/Wrinkles]: Face, neck, chest
    [Saggy Skin/Volume Loss]: Face, neck, chest
    [Double Chin/Saggy Neck]: Face, neck, chest
    [Jawline Shaping / V-shaped Face]: Jaw

  • Procedure Time

    Procedure Time

    Less than 10 minutes

Ultherapy® – Safe and non- invasive

Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy® Singapore 2020 at Dr Cindy's medical Aesthetics

Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy, a non-surgical personalised facelift for men and women above 40.

What is Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy®?

Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy® helps to lift and tighten the skin naturally without going under the knife. With accurate ultrasound energy that is visualised on the screen during the treatment, Ultherapy® targets the deep structural layers of the skin without causing any damage to the skin’s surface. After treatment, the body’s tissue repair process stimulates the production of new collagen, creating a natural lifting effect. The collagen produced after an Ultherapy® treatment is entirely your natural collagen.

Why does my skin look different as I age?

Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy® Singapore 2020 at Dr Cindy's Medical Aesthetics

Young skin is always luminous because the surface layer is plumped and smooth, allowing light to ­bounce off the taut surface like a mirror. The tautness is from the ability of youthful skin to continuously produce collagen, which is an essential protein that gives our skin elasticity and bouncy strength. It also works to replace dead cells quickly.

When we enter our 30s, collagen production slows down, and we lose residual collagen by at least 1% every year. That means skin regeneration slows down as skin cells turn over much less. As a result, the skin starts looking tired and dull in the ’30s and by the 40s, 50s, and beyond, our faces will appear wrinkled and facial contour droops. No topical skincare products can make much difference at this stage. Hence, this is when we need a safe non-invasive Ultherapy® procedure. 

So how can we jumpstart our collagen factory back into action?

Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy® has got good reviews in Singapore and worldwide due to the efficacy of the treatment, as well as the fact that it is evidence-based with measured results. A single treatment is lasting up to 2 years. As a quick one-hour procedure with minimum downtime, this is the preferred treatment for the busy individual to achieve firmer, tighter and lifted skin. It is the treatment of the stars among the fashionistas in Singapore. 


How does Ultherapy® work?

Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy® Skin Diagram

Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy® treats the skin at multiple layers

Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy® delivers a form of ultrasound energy known as (HIFU) High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound below the surface of the skin. Ultherapy® is the only technology that consistently heats tissues to approximately 65 degrees Celsius, which is the optimal temperature for collagen contraction and denaturation. This jumpstart process stimulates mass production of new collagen and renewal of existing collagen. Ultherapy® targets multilayers from superficial layers to deep tissues, including the foundation layer known as SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) that lifts and support to the skin ’s tissues. This SMAS layer is where plastic surgeons target to get the desired lift during open surgery. With the advanced technology, Ultherapy® now does the same without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin. It delivers non-invasive dermatological sculpting and lifting of the upper face, lower face, neck and décolletage.

Is Ultherapy safe? 

Ultherapy Machine at Dr Cindy's Medical Aesthetics

Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy, a non-surgical facelift in Singapore

Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy®, sometimes referred by its brand name Ulthera is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It also has the safety CE Mark in Europe and is HSA-approved in Singapore. The evidence of the safety and efficacy of Ultherapy® is substantial through many clinical studies and over 1.5 million treatments performed worldwide.

How is Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy® different from lasers?

Lasers usually address skin issues in the superficial layers of the skin such as pigmentations, acne and wrinkles, and needs an optical (colour) endpoint as lasers are light energies. Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy® treats the dermal layers from superficial 1.5mm to deep within at 4.5mm. Besides, Ultherapy® is not affected by skin tone and colour.

 How is Ulthera® different from other HIFU treatments?

Ultherapy® has a unique feature that allows the aesthetic doctor exact visualisation of the tissue that is being treated, so doctors can precisely target the areas. As everyone is unique with different thickness of skin throughout the face, neck and decolletage, the ability to visualise the exact target layer is crucial in achieving the best results without scarring as has happened with other HIFU treatments.

Ultherapy precision at Dr Cindy's Medical Aesthetics

How soon can we see results after Ultherapy® treatment?

This collagen-building process develops over 90-180 days, and evidence also shows that the lifting and firming continues even after that. A single ultherapy treatment can last up to 2 years. 

Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy at Dr Cindy's medical Aesthetics



Why is Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy® popular in Singapore?

  • Natural results: The procedure stimulates the body’s natural response to regenerating collagen production.
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive.
  • Simple local anaesthesia needed, by the application of anaesthetic cream. For patients with low pain tolerance, two paracetamol tablets can be taken before the procedure.
  • Minimal lifestyle disruption to work schedule, social obligations, exercise, and regular diet
  • Little or no downtime, patients mostly resume daily schedules straight out of the clinic. 
  • High efficacy and satisfaction rates. Over 70% of patients reported being satisfied or very satisfied 90 days after treatment.
  • No special pre and post-care required.


Ultherapy® is suitable for the following areas:

  • Upper Face, including eyebrows
  • Lower face
  • Neck
  • Under Chin
  • Chest


Extras Extras!

Beware of counterfeits versions of Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy® in Singapore

Due to its popularity in Singapore, there are more Ultherapy® counterfeits than any other medical device in Singapore.


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Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy®

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Our therapist first cleanses and applies anaesthetic cream to the area in preparation for the procedure.

Ultrasound gel is applied and the transducer is placed onto the skin. Your doctor uses ultrasound imaging to visualize your skin layers and determine the best place to deliver ultrasound energy for maximum effect. There is mild poking and warm sensations when ultrasound energy is delivered. Many patients report the sensation as tolerable.

The entire procedure can be completed in 30 to 90 minutes.

This procedure is performed by our doctors who are registered with the Singapore Medical Council.

Most patients achieve their desired results 2 to 3 months after the procedure, some even experience immediate tightening of the skin! This treatment energy delivers safe stimulation continuously for the next 6 months. The end results of tightening will last up to 18 months

As more collagen is gradually produced and regenerated at the treated sites after  Safe and non-invasive Ultherapy®, you will notice fine lines smoothing out, as well as tighter and more youthful-looking skin.

As patients continue with this safe, annual treatment, their collagen store from the accumulated stimulation will be comparatively better than their unstimulated skin of the same age.

Individual results may vary based on the severity of your signs of ageing before treatment. 

You can expect mild swelling and soreness immediately after treatment. The doctor will prescribe painkillers if necessary.

We recommend repeating Ultherapy annually and combining it with other anti-aging procedures such as Thermage, Thread Lift, Fillers and Dermalift to achieve total facial rejuvenation.