Get Rid Of Moles Using Laser Beams

Get Rid Of Moles Using Laser Beams

Are moles, warts and skin tags affecting your self-esteem? Most importantly, are you looking for mole removal help in Singapore? If you are, laser mole removal is a reliable medical procedure available to get rid of these unbearable skin growths. At Dr Cindys Medical Aesthetics, we offer laser mole removal treatment that helps bring back flawless, smooth skin without leaving any scars.

What is laser mole removal?

Laser mole removal is a simple aesthetical medical procedure that uses laser beams to carefully deliver focused energy that snips away unwanted skin tags and warts without any damage to the surrounding skin. Besides appearance, it is also good to check out new skin growth that had to appear out of the blue, and it might be a health-related or benign growth. This clean and safe method of removal usually requires one session to do the job! Laser Mole removal is permanent.

How Dr Cindys Medical Aesthetics can help you

When you visit our clinics in Singapore, Dr Cindy or Dr Gabriel will diagnose your condition to see if you are a suitable candidate for laser mole removal and explain how the entire procedure will be done.


What to expect at Dr Cindys Medical Aesthetics Clinics

Our therapist will begin by cleansing the intended treatment area before applying an anaesthetic cream. The doctor will then apply the laser beams over the area; delivering the energy rays that rid moles, warts and skin tags. The will be cold air blowing simultaneously, so the 15 minutes procedure is short and painless.

Soft scabs are expected after the treatment, but they fall out naturally in a day or two. The doctor will prescribe a healing cream to be applied on the affected area in the next couple of days. Please keep the wound clean.

Most skin growth like a mole, skin tags only require one session except warts that has a virus nature; however, that can be complemented by an antibiotic cream.

Contact Dr Cindys Medical Aesthetics clinics.

We have three clinics across Singapore that offer this laser mole removal service. We encourage you to make an appointment to meet our doctors for a detailed consultation and not just asking over the phone for the best mole removal help. Please contact us at 67334433