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Why Women Needs ThermiVa®- Non-Invasive Vaginal Tightening

Being a mother brings countless delights– yet likewise its fair share of aggravations! Mommies testify, among the hardest parts concerning having children is that it can transform your body in unwelcome ways. It can be a stubborn belly or sagging busts as well as…You understand what we’re speaking of — it’s that matter about vaginal tightening that we keep to ourselves. It concerns your feminine wellness and the problems women face after childbirth, menopause, or directly over time as our more intimate areas start to age along with the rest of our body. Read on about ThermiVa®-Non-invasive Vaginal tightening

Sometimes, those changes can turn around with lifestyle changes –like workout and great nourishment, but in many cases, the changes seem irreversible.

One of the most significant health and wellness innovation of the past decade is using RF in many cosmetic procedures.ThermiVa®-Non-invasive Vaginal tightening make use of radiofrequency energy to boost collagen production and tighten up skin has unlocked a variety of fantastic, non-surgical opportunities, including the face, neck and body. RF is also used in non-invasive vaginal tightening treatments 

Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics gets a share of females patients who see us simply because they want to look the way they did before they had babies- and we enjoy to help them with what we call Mommy Remodeling Therapy – ThermiVa®.

Thermiva Device Applicator

Thermiva Device Applicator


When we talk using RF in cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation procedures, we are explaining about a device called ThermiVa®. We are proud to offer ThermiVa®-Non-invasive Vaginal tightening® treatment at Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics. The effects to ThermiVa®, consisting of tightening, a rise in intimate sensations, reduced urinary stress incontinence and much more. Numerous of our clients who have this treatment done feedback positively to us that it assists them to reclaim their feminine wellness and a feeling self-confidence they thought was lost to kids, ageing, and time.

Some additional facts you might like to know concerning the ThermiVa® treatment: It’s been around for several years, is FDA-approved, and also is used in thousands of cosmetic surgery practices in many countries. It is very safe when administered in a doctor’s clinic, yet it’s painless, mild, hassle-free, as well as clinically confirmed to have results. It’s also something that we offer right here in our clinics with no downtime, and you can have Thermiva done during your lunch hour and be ready for regular activities (also sexual intercourse) by evening time.

What’s more, ThermiVa® can bring a variety of benefits that may interest you— as well as they may even surprise you. That’s what we’ll have a look at next. 


Patients are concerned with how a treatment like ThermiVa®-Non-invasive Vaginal tightening can make their lives better– We often shared with them the positivity of Thermiva : 

Stress Urinary Incontinence (Bladder Leakage)

The loss of bladder control is a genuine problem– and many women discover that the trouble intensifies after they go through childbirth and also as they age. It can be an embarrassing issue, yet using radio frequency– as with the ThermiVa treatment– can help the patient to regain some bladder control.

If you have problem with leaking while running, jogging, or working out, or if you fear that a sneeze or a laugh might lead to bladder leakage, we motivate you to find out more about ThermiVa® – non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation, which can be just the answer. ThermiVa® not only do vaginal tightening and rejuvenation, but it also assists you in restoring bladder control and propels you back to your energetic lifestyle.  


Vaginal Laxity

Vaginal laxity– or looseness, in layman’s terms is a concern that can aggravate with age,  and ThermiVa® can provide a solution.

The rise in collagen production has a firming effect, especially in the vaginal canal. Our Patients expressed pleasant surprise at the difference ThermiVa® can make, like the elasticity of a brand new sock versus one that has been tumbled in the washing machine countless times. Thus, Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics recommends it to anyone looking for an effective non-surgical vaginal tightening solution.


A lot of the times, when we speak about radiofrequency in aesthetic procedures, we’re talking about means to enhance one’s physical appearance– and that is precisely the situation right here. Ladies who would like to rejuvenate the appearance of their intimate areas may find that ThermiVa®-Non-invasive Vaginal tightening give them the answer.

Once again, the point right here is the collagen production, which has a tightening result on the labia minora as well as external vaginal tissues. We love to hear our patients inform us that this genital renewal has assisted them to both feels as well as look more youthful without surgical procedure. Feel free to contact Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics at 67334433 if you need information.

Vaginal Lubrication

Another typical issue that many females share is the loss of vaginal lubrication, ThermiVa® vaginal tightening can be a meaningful recovery treatment. As females experience peri-menopausal as well as menopausal signs, loss of vaginal lubrication can become an issue.

Women have to understand that it is a reversible problem, and should not accept it as an irreversible result of ageing and childbirth.

The vital point to recognize is that the radiofrequency power raises blood flow to the vaginal cells, which assistants in lubrication. There are many positive effects, consisting of less unpleasant sexual intercourse and general improvement to vaginal wellness.

For females looking for a lasting option for their decreased vaginal lubrication, this is a procedure that’s well worth checking out.


We pointed out in the last section that vaginal rejuvenation can have a lubricating impact, resulting in less discomfort during intercourse– ThermiVa can enhance sexual satisfaction.

That is, it can boost genital feeling– raising small nerve fibre thickness and also enhancing a lady’s capacity to attain orgasm.

For our patients, this is the most surprising of all Thermiva’s advantages. Still, also the most appealing one is that Thermiva can improve vaginal sensation by increasing small nerve fibre density and enhancing a woman’s orgasm.


Just like any of our treatments, it is imperative to understand that different ladies have different needs– and we’re not providing a blanket referral for vaginal rejuvenation. It holds that the use of radiofrequency in aesthetic dermatology is encouraging. Also, while the ThermiVa treatment, specifically, is an effective and proven therapy, it is crucial to meet our lady doctors Dr Cindy Yang and Dr Grace Su before you start ThermiVa®.

A Non-invasive Vaginal Tightening Procedure

We are introducing ThermiVa® At Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics; we offer ThermiVa®-Non-invasive Vaginal tightening treatments for selected patients. ThermiVa® uses a wand applicator which may be applied externally to labia and vulvar tissue to restore normal tissue tone and function using radiofrequency energy.

A recent study in 2017 involving 23 patients with vaginal laxity, showed that after ThermiVa® treatments, patients experienced improved vaginal tightness, reduced dryness of the vagina and noticeable reductions of urinary leakage. There were no burns, blisters or significant complications during and after treatments.

Why Women Need Thermiva

The benefits of Thermiva Treatment. It is non-invasive, non-ablative with no downtime—a safe and effective vaginal rejuvenation.

What You Can Expect

  • No surgery
  • No downtime
  • No anaesthesia
  • Comfortable, in-clinic treatments
  • Three 30-min sessions, one month apart.
  • May resume sexual activities the same day/night.
  • Noticeable improvement even after 1st session.
  • Progressive results in the following months

How to Contact us

Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics has three clinics located at Orchard, Tampines and Jurong for you to get your non-invasive Vaginal Tightening treatment! Call us now at 6733 4433!


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