Control Spot Toner (100ml)

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DCMA Control Spot Toner (100ml)

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DCMA Control Spot Toner (100ml)

Suitable for Acne and oily skin 

Control Spot Toner is formulated to treat pimples and acne without steroids, retinoids and antibiotics. Potent yet gently reduces up to 65% in inflammatory lesions. Effectively clarifies oily skin and prevents new breakouts.

Key ingredients.
Triethyl Citrate, Ethyl Linoleate & GT-P - acts against 4 factors that cause acne and provides an immediate visible effect on reducing acne lesions.


Directions: Saturate a cotton pad with control spot lotion and wipe thru the face after cleansing with a suitable cleanser. To be used in the day and night. Can also be used on back and chest.