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Who is this For?

The Dermalift procedure is also known as the ‘liquid facelift”. It started a trend in Korea as a quick, safe and effective lunchtime lift.

What Does It Do?

Dermalift provides a visible lift with tightening of mild to moderate sagging skin and helps to contour the face for an overall rejuvenated look It works by injecting a specially researched dilution of botulinum toxin at the intra-dermal layer, instead of into the facial muscles. As it does not affect the muscles, this procedure gives you a natural-looking facelift result while retaining facial expressions. 

How Does It Work?

Through clinical research, doctors know that the Dermalift technique works by stimulating the fibroblast cells in the skin layer to cause tightening of collagen fibres. The procedure works by injecting specially-diluted botulinum toxin superficially into the skin layer (intra-dermally). This relatively simple treatment stimulates the fibroblast in the dermis and causes a realignment of the cytoskeleton that gives a lifting effect to the face. The results are tightened facial contours and visibly refined pores. The smoother skin surface gives better light reflection, creating the coveted Korean ” glass look” of clarity and radiance.

As it uses a diluted form of botulinum toxin, it is a safe procedure with positive lifting effects without affecting natural facial expressions. 

The favourable results of a Dermalift non-surgical facelift can include:

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The treatment that tightens pores gives the skin a smooth glass look.

* Decrease in the look of lines and wrinkles

* Toned, raised and firmed facial muscles- especially around drooping lower eyelids and jowls 

* Firmer facial shapes

* Tighter pores resulting in better-looking skin

* Improved look of scars

* Reduced puffiness and shadows around the eyes


The main difference depends on injection techniques and the concentration used. Dermalift is a liquid facelift that is administered in the intradermal layers, while typical botulinum toxin is delivered into the muscle layer. While regular botulinum toxin injections tend to shrink and immobilized the muscle or to achieve a decrease in size (such as in jaw shaping procedures), Dermalift treatments are injected into the skin surface to promote a smoothening impact instead.

The therapist begins by cleansing your face thoroughly and applying an anaesthetic cream. Treatment time is 30 minutes as our doctor injects the skin at multiple points.

This procedure is performed by our doctors who are registered with the Singapore Medical Council.

Dermalift provides a safe and immediate facelift effect without the need for surgery. 

The overall results may vary depending on the severity of ageing signs before treatment.

In general, it lasts 3-4 months after the first treatment. With subsequent treatments, it will last longer and longer as intrinsic collagen stimulated would have accumulated safely with each repeated treatment.

You may experience mild redness at the injection sites. These will subside quickly after treatment within the day.

In order to maintain the lifting effect and tightness, we recommend repeating Dermalift every 3 to 4 months. Dermalift can be combined with other anti-ageing treatments such as Thermage, Ultherapy, Thread Lifts and Fillers as a multi-modality approach is often most effective.