The holiday season is around the corner and we are keen to share ways to getting your skin ready for the holidays! It’s time to get ready to enjoy the outdoors with cheer, celebrations and lots of social gatherings. But, let’s face it; I know you want to look your best with beautiful radiant skin.

How should we do it?

If you are looking for ways to get your skin ready for the holidays, here are a few tips from our professional physicians; Dr Cindy and Dr Gabriel.

1. Get Facial
The quickest way to get glowing skin is by seeing a skin care professional. Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics has a reliable and trusty worth professional that offers quality skin care treatment such as facial treatment. Our physician with aesthetic experience will do deep cleanse and skin resurfacing to get your skin ready for the holidays. They use the latest innovation to offer the best services that give each client value for his or her money.

2. Never compromise with your sunscreen
Taking measures to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays is crucial when heading out to enjoy the outdoors. Therefore, before the holidays draw near, get yourself the best sunscreen products available on the market. Visit Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics to talk to our professionals who may advise you on which product to buy.

3. Keep your skin moist
Before heading out to enjoy the holidays, remember to keep your skin moist all day long. Therefore, skin moisturizer is a product that you shouldn’t miss during the holiday season. Get quality, ingredient rich moisturizer that will protect and moisten your skin all the time.

4. Do not forget your beautiful lips
Harmful UVA rays may damage soft lips more than other parts of your skin. So sunblock lip balms should not miss in preparations for the holidays. Remember to buy one today.

Contacting Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics
We have 3 clinics in Singapore that are strategically located to offer reliable skin care treatment to our esteemed clients. Feel free to book your appointment today to get the best advice on how to prepare for the coming holidays.

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