A Trio of Treatments

Treatments for Acne

We previously looked at some tips and daily care routine before starting off with a decent skin care regime and before beginning acne treatment. At Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetic (DCMA) clinics, there’s a few ways to tackle acne-prone skin with specialized dermatological treatments. You can expect these researched and government-approved treatment methods (not exhaustive): Fractional Fractional Resurfacing Laser, Acne Red Mark Laser & Rejuran.

Fractional Fractional Resurfacing Laser

SmartXide Dot Fractional Resurfacing Laser is a non-surgical treatment targeted at acne scars, enlarged pores and pitted, uneven facial complexion. Through the controlled use of advanced fractional laser beams on problem areas, the outer facial layers of bumpy, acne scarred skin are gradually sheared, allowing new and healthy skin to reform.

The Fractional Resurfacing Laser energy heats up deeper layers of skin, stimulating collagen growth

The Fractional Resurfacing Laser energy heats up deeper layers of skin, stimulating collagen growth and prompting regeneration of skin beneath, causing the skin to visibly become suppler and more elastic right from the first session, and all this is done without harming the skin’s surface. Fractional Resurfacing Laser energy helps accelerate tissue healing and is suitable for deep-set wrinkles, surgical and acne scars such as boxcar, icepick and rolling scars.

Post Treatment Results

Clearer skin can be expected after 1 session. More results can be observed within three to five sessions. As every person’s skin is different, individual results varies from person to person.

3-4 Days

Fractional Resurfacing Laser treatment is a safe and generally painless skin rejuvenation treatment with downtime that varies between 3-4 days. Facial redness starts to subside within 3-4 days and sun exposure should be avoided.

7-10 Days & Onwards

With mild peeling, smooth and rejuvenated skin is formed as the appearance of facial scars are reduced and lost facial collagen is reproduced naturally by your skin. After more than 10 days, you’ll start noticing much less redness.

Acne Red Mark Laser

One of DCMA’s acne treatments uses this non-invasive Brightening Laser / Acne Red Mark Laser Laser penetrates skin through a combination of yellow and green lights to effectively tackle acne, pigme­ntations and redness. The yellow light gently destroys acne bacteria and eradicates active acne while stimulating collagen growth. As the light shrinks overactive sebaceous glands, sebum production is greatly reduced and acne scars are gradually removed.


Simultaneously, the emitted green light targets pigmentations in skin such as melasma, dark spots and freckles caused by aging or sun damage. The gentle light energy is absorbed by underlying blood vessels to break down skin pigments and reduce melanin production – all without damaging the surrounding tissue. With regular treatments, the Brightening Laser / Acne Red Mark Laser Laser combats a wide range of skin concerns by reducing acne, melasma, redness and skin sensitivity – providing you with brighter and clearer skin with every subsequent treatment.


Through its intense but gentle light energy, the Brightening Laser / Acne Red Mark Laser Laser also addresses skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dull skin – giving you an improved appearance in just three to five sessions. Dr Cindy’s Acne Red Mark Laser aims for maximum outcomes with minimal skin discomfort.


Post Treatment Results

The whole process takes just 20-30 minutes. As you may expect little to no downtime, why not drop by any of our clinics conveniently located all around Singapore for a quick lunchtime fix? No one, even your BFF will be able to tell you just had acne treatment, with laser.


After 3-5 sessions, you can expect not only lesser redness but visibly lesser blemishes and reduced sebum production.


Rejuran S

The name doesn’t really flow right off the tongue but if you must know, Rejuran is a very widely used and approved skin treatment that is recommended by skin specialists. If you can envision baby-smooth skin, then this is one of the treatments most celebrities swear by, proclaiming they’ve had no aesthetic treatments done – all whilst keeping it a secret, from you.


Acne scars are often permanent if left alone without treatment. Rejuran S consists of extracted Korean salmon sperm DNA derived and is more suitable for acne scar treatment by stimulating collagen production and reducing the appearance of depressed acne scars. A Polynucleotide filler or PN, it stimulates the cellular activity in skin known as fibroblasts to repair damaged skin tissue, reducing inflammation and improving your skin’s appearance. As Rejuran S is more viscous in nature, it creates a support structure for the formation of collagen in your skin through the stimulation of those fibroblasts.


In simpler terms, if you were to compare the surface of the moon to an acne scarred skin, then the use of this minimally invasive injection treatment smoothens out the ‘dents’ on acne skin. This treatment makes acne skin more supple with a volumizing effect. Remember, every treatment recommended by the skin doctors at DCMA clinics is also depended on how your skin reacts from lasers, Medical Facials etc. But you can know that a personal comprehensive skin treatment plan can only come about when you have your first consultation and assessment.


Types of Rejuran injectables available in Aesthetics Clinics in Singapore

  • Rejuran Healer
  • Rejuran I – for eye rejuvenation
  • Rejuran S – for acne scar treatment
  • Rejuran HB – combined with hyaluronic acid

The experienced skin doctors at Dr Cindy’s clinics say Rejuran is often used for acne scars, open pores, sensitive skin as they achieve the best results. Although Rejuran has other uses, but I’ll keep this all in the subject of acne treatment.


Post Treatment Results

After about 4 sessions, you’ll be able to see a better improved appearance of your skin.


3-5 Days

A smoother, softer skin texture. You’ll also notice reduced oily skin. Your skin starts to naturally balance out oil and moisture.


2-4 Weeks (After 2nd Session)

An improved skin appearance due to the stimulation of collagen, more elastic skin. Your skin is also rejuvenated thus also reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


4-6 Weeks (After 3rd Session)

You’ll notice a volumizing lifted appearance ‘baby skin look’ as the elasticity of the skin is improved. The volumizing effect is due to your skin filling out from the dermis layer.


6-8 Weeks (After 4th Session)

Rejuvenated youthful look as your skin becomes more supple.

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