DCMA Cleanser B (100ml )

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DCMA Cleanser B (100ml )

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Cleanser B (100ml )

Suitable for all skin types 

Cleanser B is an effective daily cleanser to remove light makeup in the evening and is a refreshing start to the day. It contains natural probiotics that inhibit the growth of opportunistic pathogens and protects the skin. Cleanse your face perfectly without dryness.

Key ingredients

  • L-lactic acid - Gentle exfoliator even for sensitive skin, brightens a dull complexion and keeps the skin hydrated 
  • B-complex vitamins- keeps skin healthy by accelerating the regeneration process of epidermal skin replacement cells
  • Seaweed Extract - Trehalose polysaccharide from seaweed that absorbs and retains moisture to keep the skin hydrated.

Directions- Pour a small quantity on the palm, and work up a foam with water, massage into the skin thoroughly and rinse clean. Pat dry.