D+Cell 350 PDRN

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D+Cell 350 TRA PDRN

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What is D+cell?

D+CELL is a professional derma care product with PDRN®  as its main active ingredient, as well as being rich in free hyaluronic acid. PDRN is the acronym for Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide, which is a substance extracted from the sperm of salmon. Sometimes it is called Salmon DNA by the lay public. D+Cell with its high-quality stamp applicator is designed to treat dull skin and wrinkles, as well as for intense hydration and skin replenishment. This treatment will improve the overall skin quality over time, plus enhance and prolong the effects of aesthetic treatments in the doctor's office. 


D+cell is a regeneration treatment that is HSA approved. Impressively, its effectiveness and safety were verified through various independent clinical studies.


What are the Benefits of D+cell treatments?

D+cell is an active serum that is sterilised by double cold filtration to preserve the effectiveness and the integrity of its active ingredients. It does not contain any preservatives; one vial of serum is for a SINGLE treatment. Please do not keep any leftover serums.


D+Cell 350 TRA W-1D+Cell 350 TRA I


How to Use D+cell?

Cleanse and preferably exfoliate the skin, pat dry. Open the vial of serum and apply half the vial of serum over the face, do not massage. Use the stamp applicator and press onto the skin surface in a light stamping action, covering the whole face. Starting from the top of the forehead, stamp the applicator from right to left, stamping each spot 3 times. Apply the 2nd half of the serum and repeat the process. This treatment can be done on the neck, although you may need another vial of D+cell. 


Note: If you are not an existing patient of Dr Cindy's Medical Aesthetics, upon the purchase of the D+cell set, please allow one of our staff to call you to explain the procedure and answer any questions you might have. You can also contact us at 67334433 if you have any enquiries

  •  Useful in skin revitalisation through the compatibility of PDRN to human skin
  •  Reduces sensitivity and strengthens skin barriers 
  •  Stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new collagen actively. 
  • Improves microcirculation and boosts radiance.
  • Helps to heal acne scars 
  • Prevents the onset of ageing and the formation of pigmentation. 
  • Lasting results as it penetrates deeper than topical skincare.
  • Easy to perform this treatment at home





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