According to Google Statistics, removal of stretch marks is among the top most search words on the internet today. As you know, stretch marks are neither attractive nor appealing. For these reasons, most people have gone a notch higher in attempting to cover and conceal them, and it’s quite a handful.

If you are suffering a similar fate, here is a reliable way by Dr Cindy’s Medical Aaesthetics on how to remove stretch marks using Lasemd.

What is Lasemd?

This is a unique laser treatment that uses thulium fiber laser and fractional technology to help in removal of stretch marks and acne. The treatment delivers powerful skin rejuvenation through precise and controlled microscopic thermal injury inside the skin. This brings out collagen remodeling and stimulation of the skin components thus giving a regenerated and rejuvenated skin.

Moreover, the micro-channels created during the treatment help cosmeceuticals to enter with ease, deep into your skin. This is the cutting edge technology that the system uses, allowing for maximum delivery of the cosmeceuticals into your skin. As a result, the effects are maximized to help in the achievement of a more youthful, rejuvenated and radiant skin.


When you visit one of the 3 clinics in Singapore, our experienced aesthetics professionals will examine the treatment area to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. Once our professionals with aesthetics experience have examined you, they will cleanse the area of concern and then apply the numbing cream on it. The doctor then makes repeated passes over the treatment area and it typically takes 20 to 30 minutes.

What to expect

Mild redness is expected after the treatment, but this wears off before the following day. Improvement in the appearance of the  stretch marks on the skin is also expected after 3 – 5 sessions, but this may vary with individuals.

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