What is eye threadlift and what are its benefits?

Eye thread lift and its benefits

As we age, many of us are afflicted with droopy eyes lids, dark eye circles and eye bags. Eye bags and dark eye circles can make a person look tired and much older than they are. Eye bags and dark eye circles affect a woman’s esteem much like a balding head to a man. A common misconception is that these problems can be solved by applying expensive eye creams. In recent years, the efficacy of eye thread lift has gained public interest and attention.

Droopy eyes lids and eye bags result from a wide variety of factors; lifestyle and habits such as rubbing the eyes too hard, spending too much time in front of a computer screen. Genetic makeup or side effects of medications are also possible influences.

Though surgical options are available to remove eye bags or to treat drooping eyelids, these are often avoided due to prolonged recovery time and high cost. Worse, if one goes under the knife and the results turn out to be unnatural, it cannot be reversed.

Aesthetics procedure, eye thread lift is a safe and easy ‘ middle’ to topical eye creams and the surgeon’s knife; eye thread lifts and its benefits are gaining popularity quickly as it takes only 30 mins to do the procedure. Most popular eye threads are Silhouette Soft or the MINT PDO thread. Both of these threads are bio-absorbable, meaning it does not need any removal and will absorb into skin tissues.

The procedure starts with a small injection of anaesthesia to the outer corner of the eye area, which makes the whole process almost painless.

Threads are inserted through a cannula in the under-eye area, which tightens the excess skin almost immediately. Most patients can go back to their schedule almost immediately; some will opt for a Friday evening appointment with their aesthetics doctor to rest in for the weekend. Eye-thread-lifts-and-its-benefits-by-Dr-Cindys-Medical-Aesthetics-

Lifting and rejuvenation are two combined benefits that Eye thread lift offers:

  1. Once the thread is applied, the doctor mould and elevates the tissue around the eye area, lifting and re-contouring the eye area.
  2. The threads under the eye will stimulate collagen and elastin regeneration in the next 6-8 months. The eye area will regain contour and smoothness, with wrinkles diminished.

    This thread eye lift procedure is relatively simple and very safe. We advise patients to make an appointment have to a face to face consultation with the doctor, to get all their concerns addressed and questions answered.