How walking aids Weight Loss!

Walking definitely is a great workout to aid weight loss. it just feels impossible to keep to your exercise routine in today’s world. However, there is definitely something you can do every day to help lose or maintain your weight.

How walking aids Weight Loss!

Trying to get more exercise by walking more often can help you burn more calories and reduce health risks such as high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and heart disease. In fact, walking a mile (1.6 km) burns approximately 100 calories, depending on your gender and weight.

Walk like you’re at the airport and you’ve cut it close for departing flight. If you’re 150 pounds walking briskly (around 3.5 miles per hour) will burn around 300 calories every 60 minutes. If you can fit in 30 minutes of brisk walking on a flat surface every day, you’ll have burned off 1,050 calories by the end of the week. Studies show that this sort of weekly calorie expenditure helps protect against heart disease and of course, you’ll probably start noticing that you look and feel different soon.

Anything new can be difficult to keep doing, simply because it’s not part of your routine yet. Once it becomes a habit, it will become a part of your day-to-day flow. Remember that motivation is what gets you started and habits are what keep you going.

How Dr Cindy can help after your weight loss!

Coolsculpting at Dr cindy's medical aesthetics l
No matter how hard you exercise, weight loss results can be enhanced with cool sculpting

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is a body contouring treatment. It is so named because the procedure uses controlled cooling to deliver effective results. This is non-invasive body-contouring treatment that decreases fat cells permanently by inducing cell death. The dead cells are removed from the body via normal excretion. The procedure treats stubborn fat build-ups under the chin, bra area, buttocks, thighs, lower belly and abdominal bulges that are hard to get rid of despite following a strict diet and workout routine. The procedure is FDA approved and performed by our skin specialists – Dr Cindy Yang and Dr Gabriel Tan.

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