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Dr Cindy's Medical Aesthetics in Bukit timah KAP mall

Bukit Timah, has a colourful history.  In the Malay language, it means “tin-producing hill” and this translated name was actually on the 1828 map “Bukit Timah in English”. Back then, the Bukit Timah hill was mapped as the eastern source of the Kranji River. 

In more recent history, the area was infested with tigers and it constituted a serious threat to human life. In 1860, nearly 350 people were reported to have been killed by tigers in the gambier and pepper plantations. The problem was so severe that the English government offered up to $100 reward for every tiger killed.

Hunters and their tigers

During the Japanese Occupation, Singapore was renamed “Syonan-to”. The Japanese army built a Syonan-to Shinto shrine, similar to the National Shinto one in Japan but of a smaller scale, at Bukit Timah Hill. There were also two war memorials, one dedicated to the Japanese war dead and the other to the British troops who died defending Singapore. School students, Japanese commanders, British POWs’ representatives would gather there on commemorative dates for the war dead during the Occupation. The shrine was hastily destroyed when the war ended.

Another interesting fact is recorded in the MRT map: King Albert Park MRT Station is situated along The Blue Line. Together with its nearby stations, Sixth Avenue and Tan Kah Kee, these stations are specially designed to represent the natural elements of air, water and fire. The King Albert Park Station design represents the element of air, featuring blue and turquoise coloured panels.

King Albert of Belgium, KAP mall is named after himKing Albert Park (KAP) Mall is located in the Bukit Timah area, along Bukit Timah Road. King Albert Park Road and the estate is named after King Albert I of Belgium ( 1875-1934). King Albert died in a mountain climbing accident in eastern Belgium in 1934, at the age of 58, leaving the throne to his son Leopold III (r. 1934–1951). King Albert is popularly referred to as the “Knight King” or “Soldier King” in Belgium for his heroic part played during World War I.




Dr Cindy's Medical Aesthetics

Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics in Singapore

This area of rich heritage is where the 4th and latest Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics stands. When asked why she chooses to do medical aesthetics in the Bukit Timah, Dr Cindy Yang replied “we see a lot of acne and acne scar cases. 10 to 15% of the clinic’s clientele are students from the surrounding international and local schools. It is convenient for them to pop over for their acne treatments on weekdays”. SIM Global Education and Ngee Ann Polytechnic are along Clementi Road, which is the road leading towards Bukit Timah Road. This means that KAP mall is located at a cross junction of major roads and is diagonally opposite Bukit Timah Plaza.

KAP Mall lies between Beauty World and King Albert Park MRT station, although it will be a shorter walk from King Albert Park MRT.

Many Singaporeans had fond memories of the biggest McDonalds at Bukit Timah. It was a famous hang out for students and families alike, to study and chat. Fondly called the ‘Hamburger University’ of Singapore, it was also where new McDonald’s employees around the region attend training. 

Hamburger university give way to KAP mall. The 4th Dr Cindy's medical aesthetic clinic is here

This was one of the biggest fast food joints in Singapore, has to give way to the development of KAP Mall. Many Singaporeans left their fond memories here.

KAP mall is now abuzz with hipster cafes, gourmet ice cream shops, fusion restaurants and its independent cinema outlet.

EagleWings Cinematics is a niche cinema located on the first floor of King Albert Park Mall that screens blockbuster films and independent films. They aim to screen family-friendly movies that “takes the family movie-going experience to a whole new level” with “ambience lounges, plush seats and variety of snacks”.

Apart from the cinema, Eagle Wings also has a range of business offerings located within KAP mall. 

Eagle wings cinematics in KAP Mall

( This Article  is a repost from a lifestyle magazine in Singapore )


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