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Cryolipolysis – Clinically Proven Weight Loss Secret, CoolSculpting Part 2


15 Min Read – Cryolipolysis is one of the most sought-after non-surgical fat reduction procedures that can be done on a weekday without skipping work or significant downtime when compared to surgical liposuction. There are differences, pros, and cons of any treatment, invasive or non-invasive. But when coupled with regular yoga sessions and a sensible diet, this treatment works wonders! Oh, and did I mention this is an FDA (US) and HSA (SG) approved treatment for reducing fat?

In this article and Part Two, we examine and lay bare real clinical research and the science about CoolSculpting and why you should pay attention.

Dangers of Fat – Unassuming Public Enemy Number One

There are two types of fat and are classified differently. Our body stores fat in two ways: Subcutaneous fat is the visible fat layer just under our skin while Visceral fat is the one lining our internal organs.

For the majority of us, a large percentage of fat, about 90% is made up of Subcutaneous fat while about 10% is classified as Visceral fat. As women, when you reach your mid-30s, our body starts to favour storing fat around the upper region rather than the thighs and hips. So even if outwardly there aren’t many visible changes, inwardly your waistline can grow by a few sizes as Visceral fat accumulates and gives you the infamous budge around the abdominals. AKA tummy.


That is why doctors usually caution against belly fat as they serve as general outward indicators that your body has too much Visceral fat. Numerous studies have shown that women who have a larger waistline had double the risk of developing serious heart problems. They also found that healthy, non-smoking women who managed to drop even 2 inches off their waistline had a 10% decreased risk of developing cardiovascular disease1. Regardless of where your body decides to store fat, having excess fat cells in your body can lead to a host of problems in life that can range from cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even dementia.

“… Healthy, non-smoking women who managed to drop even 2 inches of their

waistline had a 10% decreased risk of developing cardiovascular disease1.”

In the 1900s, fat cells were used to be thought of just harmless pockets of fat stored in the body for energy but medical researchers have found that fat cells actually function more like endocrine organs, responsible for the secretion of hormones and other dangerous molecules. Unassuming fat cells are not harmless and should be the targeted as Public Enemy Number One!


How CoolSculpting Compares with Liposuction

In a research study in 2019 on weight loss and the long-term maintenance of weight gain vs weight loss, the study found that as we age, our body’s ability and the rate at which we utilise fat in our body decreases2. As explained in our previous blog post on CoolSculpting, Cryolipolysis – the medical procedure that uses ultra-low temperature to destroy fat cells permanently – is an FDA (US) and HSA (SG) approved treatment for fat reduction. When paired with a regular exercise plan and sensible diet, it doubles your exercise and diet results and removes those stubborn remnants of fat that is otherwise almost impossible to remove. Helps one reach difficult to achieve fitness goals.


CoolSculpting Preferred Fat Reduction Treatment – Clinical Studies

In an independent research study on the process of Cryolipolysis, this is one of the go-to treatment options even for plastic surgeons. The surgeons actually preferred non-surgical Cryoliposis over traditional surgical liposuction procedures as the risk is so much lower yet has a high efficacy rate3.


The study also reported that in a survey conducted jointly by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and The Aesthetic Society in 2007, 97% of plastic surgeons reported that they added non-invasive procedures to their practice in order to provide patients with a continuum of care, and more than 80% offered non-invasive procedures and nonsurgical fat reduction was the third most common nonsurgical procedure performed in 2017 by members of The Aesthetic Society3.

“… Cryolipolysis – the medical procedure that uses ultra-low

temperature to destroy fat cells permanently – is an FDA (US)

and HSA (SG) approved treatment for fat reduction.”


There are factors that affect the outcome and treatment results such as:

  • Patients setting realistic treatment expectations
  • Patients who prefer non-surgical fat contouring options
  • Slightly above average BMI, skin laxity, comorbidities
  • Wish to avoid significant downtime, surgery etc.
  • Wish to target/contour specific localised body areas


The table below shows a clinical study on Cryolipolysis on patients who adhere to a healthy, active, and sensible dieting lifestyle.

Treatment site Number of treatments Follow-up time frame (months) Percentage correctly identified (%) Ultrasound results Patient satisfaction (%)
Flanks Up to 3 6 89 19% reduction 82
Abdomen Up to 2 4 85 –1.9 mm 62
Inner thigh 1 4 91 –2.8 mm 93
Outer thigh 1 4 84 –2.5 mm 87
Submental area Up to 2 3 91 –2.0 mm (20% reduction) 83
Upper arm 1 3 85 –3.2 mm 63


As can be observed from the study, the use of CoolSculpting together with a fat reduction treatment plan resulted in high patient satisfaction. Adverse effects, a medical term commonly used to describe complications from treatments were a major follow-up phase for many plastic surgeons with traditional liposuction treatment. In a separate study, participants were tracked over a period of 4 months and there was a 22% reduction of fatty tissue without any reported side effects4.


CoolSculpting Really Works

Liposuction isn’t completely risk free since the treatment is considered open surgery with patients required to go under anaesthesia followed by long recovery time. This was in stark contrast with using CoolSculpting as the complications from this treatment were significantly reduced when compared with liposuction. Patients can even drive home after a session of CoolSculpting!


As of date, there have been over 7 million CoolSculpting procedures performed safely worldwide with a long history of clinical studies conducted before the procedure, after it gained approval from the US FDA back in 2010 and till this day. The number of procedures performed and the numerous clinical studies done and high satisfaction ratings reported by patients are very important indicators that this fat reduction procedure actually works.


Don’t just take our word about it but take action against this Public Enemy Number One today! Don’t be cool about excess fats!


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