In the world that we are living in today, there will always be facts and misconceptions about almost everything if not all. Well, looking into aesthetics, there is definitely made up myths about aesthetics that we shall try to look into. Before looking into the myths, we first get to understand what the term aesthetics means. According to the Collins English dictionary, aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the study of the idea of beauty. With that brought to light, let us get into the five top myths about aesthetics.

Five top myths about aesthetics

Myth 1: aesthetic treatment gives you an unnatural look
The general public tends to believe that aesthetic procedures leave one with an expressionless, unnatural look and a tight appearance on their faces, but this is not true. This unflattering look on some people may be as a result of an aggressive facelift surgery of the recent past from inexperienced doctors. An experienced doctor is able to give results that not only looks but also feels absolutely natural and fresh.

Myth 2: you will have to keep repeating the aesthetic procedures once you have done one
Once you undergo the aesthetic procedure, you will be required to continue going under the knife or else look much worse than before the treatment is definitely a misconception. The maintenance sessions are often advised so as to maintain your dream look although, they are completely optional. The truth is that most aesthetic treatments encourage the collagen production in the treated areas thus delaying the signs of ageing.

Myth 3: laser treatments thins and weakens the skin
On the contrary, lasers cause the skin to produce more collagen which not only slows the ageing process but also aids in replacing the damaged skin.

Myth 4: Botox and Dermal fillers are poisonous to your body and have a probability of causing you harm
Well, this is dependent on the doctor you chose to go to. A doctor with experience and a good reputation will not only ensure that you are safe, but also give you that look that you are dreaming of. In addition, when Botox is administered in the correct dosage it is safe for your body and will reduce the wrinkles on the face.

Myth 5: Application of collagen cream should substitute aesthetic treatments
There still has been no scientific proof showing that collagen creams and drinks indeed do what they indicate to. Collagen molecules are too large to get into the skin, therefore, leaving aesthetic treatments as the best alternative to obtaining a better-looking skin.

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