STAR Treatment

Try our latest STAR treatment!

This new kid on the block is our Skin Tightening And Rejuvenation (STAR) treatment which is an innovative combination of the SkinTyte Infrared technology together with a BBL Broadband light to achieve renewed collagen foundation for a firmer tighter skin and more youthful appearance.

The STAR treatment is especially tailored to improve skin laxity, crepiness of skin and fine wrinkles.

If you would like a quick firm up before your event that sharpens your jawline and improves your sagginess, make an appointment for our STAR treatment today!


Aging Around the Eyes

Many ladies notice signs of aging first around the eye area. This can appear as dark eye rings, fine lines, saggy skin or eyebags.

These problems can nowadays be effectively treated with a variety of different methods ranging from lasers, RF, Ulthera or fillers and botulinium toxin.

Do make an appointment with us to find out what are the best solutions for your particular face shape, skin type and eye ageing problems

Non-Surgical Eye Lift

Bothered by tired drooping eyelids?

Make an appointment today to freshen up your tired eyes with our simple non-surgical options with no downtime.

Open up your eyes by growing your eyelash!

Try our Latisse eyelash treatment that makes your lashes by fuller and darker by 30%!