Non-Surgical Facelift


Thermage is a clinically proven non-invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to create a uniform heating effect beneath the skin. This gentle heating remodels and tightens existing collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen. In so doing, this addresses a wide range of surface imperfections that are a result of ageing and environmental factors. These include smoothening of fine wrinkles and dimples on the face and body, and better definition of facial features around the eyes, jaw and neckline.
Most patients are rewarded with results very soon after treatment – in as little as one day. Progressive improvements and contouring continue to happen for up to six months as the body regenerates collagen. Results can last for years.
Thermage treatments usually take anytime between 45 minutes and 90 minutes, depending on the sites treated. There is no downtime and you may return to normal activities right after treatment. This makes Thermage a convenient and safe treatment against lax and sagging skin.


Ultherapy is derived from the words “Ultrasound” and “Therapy”, and is the only skin rejuvenation procedure that uses focused Ultrasound for non-invasive skin sculpting. It uses the body’s own regenerative response to stimulate new collagen growth; at both the deep tissue and superficial layers of your skin, to gently and gradually tighten the skin, resulting in a natural continued lift over time. 

As with other ultrasound procedures, a smooth applicator placed upon your skin projects an image onto a screen that allows Dr Cindy to plan where the energy will be directed. This same applicator is then used to deliver low levels of focused energy at just the right depth below our skin to achieve a positive effect, all the while leaving the surface of your skin undisturbed.

It is suitable for skin that has “relaxed” to the point of looking and feeling, less firm. For example, a lowered brow line or pronounced nasolabial folds, will benefit from this treatment. The Ultherapy treatment takes as little as 30 minutes with minimal pain and no downtime. DCMA is proud to be an “Ultra Premier Treatment Provider” award recipient for the top providers of Ultherapy in Singapore.

Dermalift (Latest)

Botolinium toxin is a natural, purified protein that relaxes dynamic facial lines caused by muscular hyperactivity. the Dermalift treatment uses the more fluid preparation of Dysport® which is injected into the dermis (surface) layer of the face, instead of into the muscles. This technique contracts the underlying layers of skin and as a result, your face appears visibly lifted, but without that “frozen” look that is sometimes associated with a Botilinium toxin treatment session. The injections also help stimulate collagen production so your skin’s elasticity is improved.

It is effective in giving an immediatelty visible lift to the cheeks and jowls after treatment. The treatment is customised to the patient’s specific needs and administered under the skilled hands of Dr Cindy. It takes as little as 15 to 20 minutes with minimal pain and no downtime.

Thermi Treatments (Latest)

1. ThermiTight

ThermiTight is a micro-invasive treatment that removes excess fat and tightens loose skin. It uses an injectable radio frequency to deliver controlled thermal energy under the skin, to burn fat cells which are excreted through the body’s natural process. It also stimulates collagen production beneath the skin, correcting skin laxity that commonly occurs after fat reduction.

It is effective in lifting typical problem areas for many patients such as the lower cheeks, neck and double chin, targeting such problem areas for a more defined jaw line. The treatment takes as little as 20 to 30 minutes with minimal pain and minimal downtime. 

Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetic Clinic is 1 of only 5 clinics in Singapore that offers the ThermiTight Treatment.

2. ThermiSmooth

ThermiSmooth is performed using a specially designed thermistor regulated hand piece, that delivers precise temperatures between 38-40°C into the skin without hurting the skin’s surface. When the skin is heated to this level, an inflammatory process is engaged which can stimulate fibroblasts to produce new collagen over a period of time. 

The production of new collagen in the skin is effective for tightening loose or saggy skin around the eyes, around the cheeks, lower cheeks and chin to achieve a visible lift without any discomfort due to the controlled temperatures.

Thread Lift

The Thread Lift is an innovative and delicate facial rejuvenation procedure designed to gently elevate sagging brows, cheeks and jowls. It is a minimally invasive procedure where very fine surgical threads (Silhouette Soft Threads) are inserted into the soft tissue of the face to lift and support areas that gravity has taken a toll on. As compared to the traditional surgical face lift, incisions and sutures are not required in this procedure. The lifting effect is visible immediately while collagen is stimulated for a more prolonged smoothing and firming effect.

It is effective in lifting typical problem areas such as the lower jaw, cheeks and eyebrows. The procedure takes 30 minutes with no downtime. 

STAR (BBL-SkinTyte) BroadBand Light (BBL)

The STAR (BBL-SkinTyte) treatment visibly improves the skin with the use of broad band light. It is a non-invasive procedure that utilises infrared energy to deeply heat soft tissue while protecting the surrounding area. This process promotes cell activity and initiates the body’s natural healing process. Collagen and elastin are stimulated – causing a tightening which continues over several months, lifting sagging contours resulting in a firmer, more youthful skin appearance.

It is effective in increasing tautness and tone with more defined facial contours as it promotes cell activity and collagen production, for instant and progressive tightening. The treatment is performed with minimal pain and no downtime.


The MP2 technology is able to deliver Pulsed Magnetic Fields, combined with Radiofrequency (RF) to the skin, to help you to achieve firmer and tighter skin.

Pulse Magnetic Fields increase FGF-2 production, a growth hormone responsible for the creation of minute blood vessels and the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts. Simultaneously, RF increases collagen and elastin synthesis by causing controlled thermal damage in the dermis, which stimulates the self-repair mechanisms of skin tissue.

The 2 combined technologies have a synergistic effect that gives our skin a really good workout and boost to our collagen levels. It has been shown that this combined MP2 technology results in 4 times more effectiveness than RF alone in targeting loose skin and dimpled structured skin. As a result, this treatment is effective in helping skin regain elasticity and firmness with lessening of the papery, crepey look of aged skin. 

RF Facial

Radiofrequency (RF) technology is commonly used for non-invasive tightening of loose or saggy skin. It is commonly used to treat the skin on the forehead, under the eyes, on the cheeks, jaw line, and neck. 

This treatment is best suited for patients with aging skin, with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, who want to tighten their skin without the downtime and risks of surgery.


As we age, the collagen stored in our skin is depleted, our skin loses its elasticity and sagging occurs. Often first visible around the mouth and neck, this loss of firmness can alter our natural expressions; making us appear tired or older than we feel. This is often rectified with rhytidectomy or a face-lift, which involves the surgical removal of sagging skin. However, a face-lift is an invasive surgical procedure and is not the option for everyone as it entails some downtime from which you will have to recover from.

There are however, many non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures that can help you if you’re experiencing signs of facial aging. At DCMA, we have a series of alternatives for face-lifts that can help you tighten and rejuvenate your skin, without going under the knife.

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