Lasemd™ Treatment

Lasemd is a unique treatment that uses a thulium fiber laser and the fractional technology. It delivers powerful skin rejuvenation through effective pigment reduction, brightening and refinement of pores and skin texture (acne scars, uneven skin). It offers a gentle yet effective experience with little downtime and discomfort. Its microbeam profile allows for comfortable treatment without the need for numbing.

Lasemd also doubles up as a cutting edge Cosmeceutical Delivery System. It creates precise and controlled microchannels in the skin, thus facilitating cosmeceutical to penetrate more easily deep into the skin. This optimizes the effects the cosmeceuticals bring about in the skin, achieving well-maintained, youthful and glowing skin.

Lasemd is suitable for all skin types. 



Acne is a very common, chronic, inflammatory skin condition caused by overactive oil glands. It can present as non-inflammatory lesions like whiteheads and blackheads which form when there is pore blockage.

It can also present as inflammatory lesions like papules, pustules and nodules in its more severe forms. These are red, painful and unsightly bumps that can be the cause of angst and frustration.

"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here at DCMA, we have a series of specially tailored acne treatments for the affected individual’s needs. The patient’s skin condition will be assessed to determine the treatment that will work best for the skin, without the use of oral tretinoin or antibiotics. Select from a series of customised medical facials or individual treatments that target specific acne concerns.

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